November 28, 2021

November 30th was Giving Tuesday - and what better way to give during the Holidays than through the gift of education.

In celebration, our anonymous donor has pledged to match up to $5000 in donations to the Amazing Maasai Girls Project.  Whether we collectively raise $44 or $4,444, your donation will be doubled- this week only!  

How Does Your Donation Help? 

We've been able to accomplish a lot this year, all thanks to your donations of the year past. As a reminder, upward of > 95% of every dollar goes direct to educate a girl in Laikipia, Kenya because we are volunteer-run. 

Here is what we have accomplished so far in 2021: 

  • Welcomed 42 Amazing Girls back to school after the schools were shut down in 2020. They are on an accelerated schedule to catch up with the normal school year. 
  • Ushered in 17 new freshman faces (Form 1) into boarding schools (that's 59 Amazing Girls total in school currently)
  • One Amazing Graduate had a B+ average and gained a 50% government scholarship to a four-year college program at Chuka University. We support her remaining tuition costs. This is our 4th college student that the Project is sponsoring our high school graduates in college.
  • Two former Amazing Girls graduated college this year, Merina from Nairobi University and Terry graduated Egerton University (pictured above). Congrats! 


NEW!!! Amazing Girls Running Club

We are pleased to announce that the Amazing Maasai Girls Project has been accepted into a PUMA-sponsored Running Program in partnership with Women Win. As such, we are developing an all-girls running program in the secondary schools of Laikipia. The program will be open to all female students, including but not limited to Amazing Girl scholarship recipients. We are working with Olympic Champion Douglas Wakiihuri to train talented local women runners from the area, including a former Amazing Girl, who will lead the program. We look forward to sharing more about this program as it develops and offer empowerment opportunities to even more girls.

Note: This program is purely funded by Puma for three years. As always, your donations will continue to go straight to support the tuition scholarship program.

October 18, 2021

Dear All,

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the GLOBAL RUN 2021 this past weekend - in the rain, snow or sun!

We are thrilled to announce that close to $15,000 has been raised online alone (final total TBC) and we officially surpassed our goal of 1,000 miles of pledged runs, with a total of 1,050.4 miles pledged online. This is incredible and will allow many more very deserving young ladies to enter High School in 2022.

As always, we are planning a mash-up video to celebrate the global effort. 

If you haven't yet done so PLEASE SEND PHOTOS AND VIDEO of your run/walk to:

[email protected] or text it to +1 (702) 601 6012.

We can't wait to share everyone's fun.

Lastly, do not worry if you haven't yet received your T-Shirt (if you ordered one with a qualifying donation). Fulfilment is ongoing and we will get yours to you. International runners may have to wait a little longer.

Best wishes,

The Amazing Maasai Girls Project

October 15, 2021

Hello All!,

Thank you so much for being a part of Year 8 of the Global Run 2021!

We are excited to see both familiar and new names this year, with participants everywhere from Shanghai to Paris

to Dallas! At the time of writing, more than 700 miles have been pledged online. We are closing in on our

1,000 mile target! If you have friends who would enjoy a virtual run for a great cause, please do invite them along! 

Every mile counts - there is still time to sign up here.
Thanks to your generosity, we have also already raised more than $12,000 -

enough to send six young ladies to boarding school with four-year high school scholarships - AMAZING!!!


If you chose one of the event t-shirts, yours will be in the mail on its way to you. On Saturday, either join us

in wearing your shirt OR you can wear any brightly colored shirt (red is the favorite color of the Maasai).


We invite you to take videos and photos of your walk or run. The MORE VIDEO the better, since it helps us create

our annual mash-up video!!! Stuck with what to say? Tell us why you're running - it makes for excellent video.

You can send photos and videos to +1 (702) 601 6012 or email us them [email protected]
Please also tag @amazingmaasaigirls on Instagram and use the hashtags #GlobalRun2021 #Run4MaasaiGirls

on any social media.


The most important part! The photos below are of just some of the young ladies who are now safe and secure in

high school, each with four-year scholarships, thanks to the Global Run 2020. When you step out for your Saturday

run or walk this weekend, please remember that your miles are so incredibly important to these girls

- and their younger sisters who will secure a place in school, thanks to this year's event. Let's come together

and show all of our Amazing Girls - and the world - that girls belong in school and absolutely deserve to

pursue their dreams.

Please contact us should you have any questions.

Best wishes,

The Amazing Maasai Girls Project

August 26, 2021

Thank you to EVERYONE who made it out for a walk or a run this past weekend. We had an incredible turn out, as participants headed out in support of Girls' Education in all corners of the globe, from Shanghai to Dallas.

If you haven't yet sent over your run videos and photos, please do! We would love to include you in our annual mash-up video! Please send all videos/photos, location and final mileage, either by email to [email protected] OR send photos/video via SMS or WhatsApp to +1 (438) 523 2469.
Please send by the Sunday, November 1st. We will begin work on the annual mash-up video early next week!

If you ordered socks but haven't yet received them, they are on their way soon! Due to unexpectedly high demand, we had to order another batch, which will be arriving next week. Your socks will be mailed to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Lastly, if you couldn't get out last weekend, it's not too late. Get your miles in this weekend with a walk or run - and send us a selfie :)

Many thanks again for all your support. We can't wait to put together this year's mash-up video and share all the fun that was had globally.

Sarah & Molly

August 26, 2021

Dear All,

Thank you so much to all 400+ of you for pledging your walk or run to support Girls' Education in Kenya this Saturday, October 24th. 

2,700 MILES, $24,900
Together we have pledged more than 2,700 miles and raised almost US$20,000! These funds will go directly to cover four-year full-board scholarships for new students in Laikipia, Kenya in 2021. Better yet, because you smashed our goal of 500 miles, one anonymous donor will be adding a US$5,000 matching donation on top of the total raised. THIS IS AMAZING!

You will find at this link our SIGN-UP SHEET. We invite you to check your registration. Please email [email protected] if your information needs adjusting or if you have any questions.

Apart from this, all that is left is to lace-up and get moving for this year's GLOBAL RUN!

Whenever you head out on Saturday, please remember:

We are introducing a new t-shirt color this year- GREEN. If you love your red shirt from past years, wear that; if you've got a favorite green shirt, wear that. Both are Laikipia Maasai Colors!

Staying in school is no less than life changing for girls from Maasai tribes in rural Kenya. When a girl graduates high school, she will have had a much greater chance to have avoided childhood marriage and motherhood, and a much greater chance to have avoided contracting HIV. When she graduates, she is in a position to pursue further education, a career and independence as an adult. She can reach beyond the confines of home and chase her dreams. 

Covid-19 has caused schools in Kenya to shut down entirely, but higher grades are returning gradually in preparation for all students to return back, safe and secure, to school.

By donating a run, we are showing our current students that we BELIEVE in them. Our support means so much to adolescent girls who may not have both parents, or even enough food to eat at home. These kids face so many challenges; focusing on school can be difficult so our encouragement matters!

By donating a run, we can also help send more young ladies to high school in 2021 ($500/year, full board). 100% of donations for this event goes directly to school fees.

Most runners in the US should have received RUN KENYA socks (if applicable) and stickers of our students in the mail. If you have received stickers, please wear them on your run so you can be reminded of the young women you are directly supporting. 

International participants and recent registrations: you will receive your RUN KENYA socks as soon as possible!

As per every year, we will be putting together a mash-up video of everyone's runs and walks.
Because most people will not be running as in-person teams this year, your individual VIDEOS and PHOTOS mean MORE THAN EVER!!! Please take as many clips and pics as possible. One easy idea: hold up fingers to show how many miles you've covered!
The more VIDEO the better - this makes our mash-up video much more entertaining. 

EMAIL: [email protected]
SMS/WHATSAPP: +1 (415) 715-4534 / +1 (438) 523 2469 

ON SOCIAL MEDIA, share with the HASHTAGS#GlobalRun2020 and #Run4MaasaiGirls

Here is the mash-up video of the Global Run 2018, which really put us in the mood: 

Many, many thanks and HAPPY RUNNING!!!

Sarah & Molly