We've secured our full 2020 match (with a few hours to spare!)! November 14, 2021

Wow. It’s almost tough to put this gratitude into words.

We’ve reached a HUGE milestone in our journey to fortify
Birth Roots, and we are closing out 2020 having matched the FULL $20,000 made
available by Tom’s of Maine. As of 8:38 p.m. on December 31, we have raised $41,070!!
This means, with the Tom’s of Maine $20,000 matching grant, we have raised a
total of $61,070 – more than half of our $100,000 goal with three months left
in this campaign.

My 16 month-old son just learned a new word, “happiness.” It’s
not perfect, but it’s recognizable when it comes out of his grinning mouth. This
is what keeps playing in my mind as I take a moment to relish in what we have
all accomplished. Birth Roots has been an integral part of my happiness as a
mother, and our happiness as a family. Happiness is what I am feeling right now
as I realize that, together, we’ve come so much closer to making sure Birth
Roots is here to serve all of the parents that come after us. It's not perfect yet, but it's recognizable and we're getting there. 

This year was tough, even brutal at times. Most of us are
home, maybe drinking something festive, in our PJs. Personally, I cannot think
of anything I would rather be doing than writing this note of thanks to all of
you who have recognized the critical role community supported parenting has in
creating healthy communities, and have invested your resources into the organization
leading the way in OUR community.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the entire
Birth Roots Team, thank you for being a part of this movement. We would not,
could not, have gotten here with you!

Mackenzie Maher-Coville

Birth Roots Alum and Resilient Roots Campaign Champion 

100 Days of Winter Coupon Code November 14, 2021

Update on 100 Days of Winter:
If you made a donation to the Resilience Roots Campaign and hoped to participate the launch of
100 Days of Winter program that just started yesterday, you need to take the step to register at and enter the coupon code you received in your receipt at the time of "payment". The coupon code will set your balance at zero.
Let us know if you have any difficulties. 70 families have already registered!

Thank you! November 14, 2021

We wanted to take a minute to say a big hello and an even BIGGER THANK YOU from all of us here at Birth Roots who are working to keep things moving. Most of you know Leah and Emily, our co-founders, but you might not know Silver Shea (Board Chair), Kristen Irvin (our new Administrative Assistant).

These are the women behind all things Birth Roots, and the engine driving our Resilient Roots Campaign. We are doing all that we can to keep our small nonprofit here and able to support new mothers and families.

To date we have raised nearly 10 Thousand Dollars, reaching 10% of the campaign goal by March 2021.