July 20, 2023

New Sefer Ochachot V'Tochachot by Rabbi Efraim Kachlon is full of Halachic incites and chidushim about Six Subjects:
1) Gehinnom According To The Ba'al Shemtov
2) Converts To Judaism
3) Proofs of Divine Torah
4) Obligation To Rebuke According To Halacha
5) Where Was God During The Holocaust
6) Merchant Cash Advance According to Halacha: Are Jews Allowed To Lend Money To Non-Jews With High Interest?
  Countless sources are noted with every idea inside to help readers have great chizuk they can trust when sharing them at the Shabbat Table with family or at a Shiur Torah with an audience of 500 people.  Now Available FOR FREE at the BH KIRUV STATION In South Florida and 

Quantity:  32 Copies Per Box

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