August 20, 2023

Including cash and in-kind donations (like hotel rooms and airline tickets), we raised a total of $14,419 for the 2023 competition season. We used this plus JOAD dues to fund:

- 50 full scholarships (registration fees) for archers to compete in seven different local tournaments: CVA Spring Classic, Shoot-Out Diabetes, Joy Lee Indoor Championships, Easton Scholarship Tour, Beach Cup, Jr. Beach Cup, and C.O.R.R.

- 10 full scholarships (lodging and registration fees) for archers to compete in 8 "road trip" tournaments: State Indoor Championships, JOAD State Indoor Championships, Indoor National Championships, JOAD Indoor National Championships, The Vegas Shoot, Arizona Cup, the World Archery Youth Championship Trials, SoCal Showdown. Plus full or partial lodging and all coach credential fees for six coaches to support archers at these events, plus coach credential fee for a coach to support an archer who took 5th place at Buckeye Classic.

- 4 full scholarships (registration fees and lodging) for archers to attend USA Archery Regional Elite Development (RED) team training camps in Arizona and Chula Vista. Plus lodging expenses for two parent coaches who participated in the RED Coach Observer program at their own expense. (We are proud that 5 of our archers were selected for RED team this year, two attended the national RED camp, and another was selected for the National Elite Development team!)

- 3 full scholarships (registration fees, airfare, lodging, and airfare) for archers to compete in the JOAD Outdoor National Championships. Plus lodging, airfare, and rental cars for 3 coaches to support the 7 PRA JOAD archers who competed.

We've reset the "thermometer" above with an ambitious goal of $15,000 for the 2024 competition season. (These training camps ain't cheap!)