REMINDER: Class 14 in Series 4, Sat.Oct. 9, 10am PDT - PZI Leadership Classes April 13, 2022

A gentle reminder to all of you leaders enrolled in Series 4, that we will be in session again this Saturday for Class 14, beginning at 10amPDT.

You should have your zoom link - which works for all 4 classes.

Series 4 Class Schedule:

Series link for class material password protected in KALPA Library:

?Class 13 Audio is now there if you had to miss that first class. Out of the Depths—Buddhas, Monsters & Beautiful Life

Up next:

Class 14. 10-09-21: Dreams of Practice & The Journey

Class 15. 11-06-21: Dreams of Teachers & Lineage

Class 16. 12-04-21: Dreams of Awakening

See you there! Warmly, Corey

Series 2 - Class 6 Notes April 13, 2022

Hi Friends,

In the next Saturday's set of koans we shall enquire into emptiness. I think of it as  both a metaphor and an experience. 
Sometimes it is described as "1,000 miles of snow," or "a black cat at midnight," other times it is indicated by attitudes falling away, for example—"I'm not so defensive," or "I don't need to placate people" or "I no longer need to refer everything to my childhood."  

Do you have ideas or experiences of emptiness you would be willing to share with me?

I'm interested what it is for you, 

Reminder - John Tarrant will be teaching Series 3 - Class 10 NEXT Saturday, Jan 30th April 13, 2022

Hi PZI Leaders - A reminder that John Tarrant will be teaching the next class in Series 3 - Class 10: 'Where will you go when you die?' NEXT Saturday morning January 30th @ 10am-12pm

PZI Leadership Series 3:

Valley Spirit: Finding Your Own Practice as a Leader

4  Classes with John Tarrant Roshi of PZI

Any Class 10 materials may be accessed here:


Class 9: Saturday, November 21, 10am-12pm PST

Class 10: Saturday, January 30, 10am-12pm PST

Class 11: Saturday, February 27, 10am-12pm PST

Class 12: Saturday,  March 20, 10am-12pm PST

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