April 29, 2022

Carlene has an emergency surgery appointment confirmed for Wednesday, 4 May 2022. That is three days before her second birthday. The cost estimate to cover all fees and services is $32,254.98 and must be paid prior to her appointment on Wednesday. This is a herculean task and we NEED a miracle to make this happen. Carlene needs this desperately. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. At this point, every dollar helps!

All consulting physicians agree that Sloan is the best solution for her at this point. They are all at a loss on pinpointing a diagnosis and do not exactly known what we are dealing with at this time. The way the condition is progressing does not follow any know patterns for eye tumors. We explored getting arrangements and a visa to be seen in Cuba, but the turnaround time is three weeks to a month. She does not have that must time to spare. Her condition is increasing in severity daily. 


Carlene 21 April 2022                    Carlene 29 April 2022

All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Corporate sponsorships are also welcomed and tax-deductible. Please help us to help Carlene. Thank you in advance for your support.