May 09, 2022

I met with Dr. Abramson this morning and he is just as baffled today as before. We are still none the wiser about what this tumor actually is. It may be retinoblastoma, it may be teratoma or it may be something else entirely. The pathology, as I mentioned before, does not follow any pattern of known retinoblastoma cases. Our hope is that with the enucleation of her left eye and pathology tests, we can discern what we are actually dealing with.

He reiterated this morning that this is the first step of many. No other decisions can be made until after the surgery today and the receipt of the pathology reports. The typical turnaround time for pathology results is 3 weeks. Dr. Abramson spoke with the laboratory and they are going to attempt to have results back to us within 10 days' time. I pray that those results reveal the origin of this tumor and may give us a path forward. 

Dr. Abramson, along with I, are worried about the level of potential complications with this surgery. The rapid progression of this tumor creates additional challenges with removing it. There is nothing textbook about this process. What I do know is that Dr. Abramson has performed thousands of eye surgeries and has experienced many variations of tumor severity in his career. Still, NONE has EVER presented like Carlene. He confirmed that today. I am confident, however, that she is in the BEST hands possible and I must take solace in that.

Thank you again for your continued support. Let's pray that Dr. Abramson's hands are steady and guided and that the tumor gives little struggle.