Waiting and Wondering May 11, 2022

Carlene has developed a fever of 102.5 as of today. The swelling at the surgery site has increased substantially. She was seen by Dr. Abramson today and a more secure, firm bandage was applied to the surgery site in an effort to control the swelling. Dr. Abramson informed us that when the optic nerve is severed, there is sometimes a leak of cerebral fluid into the eye cavity. He also informed us that the type of swelling that Carlene is experiencing is very rare and only seen, maybe, once a year in that office where hundreds of enucleations are performed annually.

Everything about Carlene and her condition is rare and does not follow any normal pathology or protocol. The spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration was scheduled for tomorrow (5/12), however, with the development of this fever the risks of being placed under anesthesia increased significantly. She was administered a dose of acetaminophen in the office. If the fever breaks and does not spike again overnight, there is a small possibility that the procedure will be performed. If the fever returns, however, we will have to try for another day.

Living in a hotel in New York City is insanely expensive as are the costs of food and transportation here. We were hoping to have this procedure done and return home over the weekend. Carlene's siblings are very worried about her and miss her dearly as well. Maintaining the stability of her recovery outpatient, as opposed to being admitted to the hospital is a rollercoaster of emotion and not an easy task. The level of concern is heightened and attention to detail of even the slightest changes in her disposition is critical in identifying possible complications and being able to act quickly to avoid a serious decline in her delicate condition. 

We are manifesting stability in her body temperature so that her procedures that are scheduled for tomorrow may be performed with no risk to her health and safety. Thank you all for your continued support.