Carly's Treatment Update, May 27 May 27, 2022

Watch: Video Greeting from Carlene

Carlene started chemotherapy in the early morning hours on May 26. Her chemotherapy regimen consists of VinCRIStine, CISplatin, Cyclophosphamide, and Etoposide. She receives them over a three-day period while admitted to the hospital. She has to receive this regemin every three weeks for four cycles.

That's three days of chemo and one day of fluids every three weeks for 4 cycles. Due to the nature of therapy and the possibility of side effects, it is necessary for Carlene to stay very close to the hospital. We are working on finding accommodations in the closest proximity to live for the next four months, minimum. 

The chemotherapy she is receiving is very invasive and comes with many possible complications. She had to receive a blood transfusion today as her hemoglobin was low at only the halfway point through the first cycle. Overall, she is tolerating chemotherapy well and is receiving the best possible care from the staff here at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Thank you for all of your continued prayers, well wishes, and support.