June 03, 2022

This past week post-chemotherapy has been filled with ups and downs. Carlene has started to experience many of the symptoms commonly associated with chemotherapy. We are working to manage them with both conventional and alternative/complementary modalities. The most challenging is the management of nausea and helping her want to eat and keep food down. She is trying very hard to cope and we are really proud of her.  

Unfortunately, we are also starting to see the first signs of hair loss. This particular chemotherapy regimen will definitely result in total loss of hair for Carly. Another unfortunate side effect is that her white blood cell count, as of yesterday, is basically at zero. She has neutropenia and is susceptible to infection. This basically equates to zero immune function. We are using nutritional and herbal remedies to enhance her immune function. 

Because of the low WBC counts and suppressed immune function, Carly was unable to receive her scheduled chemotherapy infusion yesterday. We will try again tomorrow to avoid having a severe lapse in the scheduled cycle. We thank all of you for your continued prayers, well wishes, and support. This is an uphill battle that we are committed to winning. Carlene is a strong and courageous soul and the love and support from this community are felt by her and our entire family.