July 29, 2022

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Another day, another setback. Carlene has been running a low grade fever since she was discharged from chemo. When we saw ophthalmology on Wednesday, they were concerned, but not overly. 

In addition to the low grade fever, the site where they placed her leukapheresis catheter was starting to bleed profusely.  She was also having neurological side effects from the last round of chemo. 

We learned that not only is the catheter site infected, but she is also testing positive for Covid. This means either it never completely cleared from the July 3rd diagnosis, or she caught it in the hospital, again. 

The catheter that’s used for her treatments, drawing labs, administering medication and would have been used to harvest her stems cells and infuse the bone marrow transplant will have to now be removed. This is a huge setback. 

Carlene is struggling. We need all the prayers and well wishes we can get right now. Links for updates and social media info can be found at or with the handle @coinsforcarly. Thank you for your continued support. ????

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