August 19, 2022

Since the last update on August 9th, many new developments have occurred. We now know that the pneumonia that Carlene has is from the staph infection. It has basically infiltrated her entire lungs. The staph infection also traveled through the leukapheresis catheter into her carotid artery and heart valves. This has also created blood clots that trapped the infection. Carlene is very weak from days of not eating and her body is working hard to recover. She is able to sit up independently but standing and walking are still a struggle.

On August 17, after 19 days in the hospital, Carly was discharged. Her outpatient care includes six weeks of antibiotics and six weeks of blood thinners to help the blood clots not to spread to her lungs or other arteries. We had to return to the hospital yesterday to test the level of the blood thinner in her system and we learned that she has low platelets, which can be very dangerous when on blood thinning medication. Her new PICC line is also looking like it needs attention. Hopefully, it's not serious and only requires a cleaning and a new dressing.

Carlene is a complicated case. There are additional updates on her social media pages. Links can be found on her LinkTree. A longer update will be posted as a YouTube video on her channel later this week. There are so many developments and things change daily. Let's pray that today's visit will include a dressing change for the PICC line, a platelet transfusion, and Carly getting to LEAVE without being admitted. 

Thank you for your continued support