January 18, 2023

From the desk of Dr. Lakisha aka Dr. Mom:
Carlene was fitted for a left socket prosthesis to replace her enucleated eye. Unfortunately, the tissue protruding since surgery made it difficult to attain a proper fit. I was called into the operating room to assess the situation. I made the decision to move forward for two reasons:
1. Carly will need to learn to use a prosthetic eye for the remainder of her life. She will have to learn to install, remove, and clean it. Although I will not use this version daily because of the fit, I plan to use it as a tool to help her become accustomed to her new normal.
2. I hope that the pressure from the prosthesis will help further decrease the inflammation in the protruding tissue and encourage it to stay in place so the next version will be a better fit.
The eyes grow over time, so Carly will be fit for a new prosthetic eye yearly.