February 01, 2023

Giving Eternal Thanks 

Carlene has been blessed with many angels along this journey. Perhaps, the most important of those is a group of powerful women. These women, a cohort we will call them, ensured that Carly had a safe place to lay her head while she was facing the most difficult part of treatment.

When we landed in Manhattan, I was not prepared for how incredibly expensive the cost of living was here. These women supported Carly and sponsored her housing costs which averaged $10,000 monthly. These angels stepped in when our resources for housing ran out and we will be forever grateful. 

Carlene’s condition, before now, made exploring the option of temporary shelter impossible. However, it is now absolutely necessary. We appreciate the support of all those who have donated to the housing fundraiser. We are still a long way from our goal to raise the funds for moving costs. 

Our family transitioned into temporary shelter housing yesterday. Despite this challenge, we give thanks for the blessings. The biggest blessing is that Carly is alive. Our family has sacrificed everything for Carly to receive care at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and we would do it all over again because she is still here.