The album is out! October 28, 2022

Aloha Friends-

We did it! Together we worked to see this new album come to completion! Thank you for pouring into this endeavor financially. I am forever grateful for the ways each of you came alongside me, for the ways that you believed in me. 

As a token of my gratitude, I wanted to offer you a free download of the high-quality .wav files for the entirety of the album. I pray these songs bless you and move you closer to our great God. He has done the same with me through each song.  The album is on all streaming platforms on Friday, Oct. 28th - so please, play the songs on all the streaming sites as well!

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance to you and give you peace. Amen.

Grace and Peace,


Download here:

Original Post August 13, 2022

I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to write and release music with YWAM Kona Music. As a way to continue with the momentum that has begun with the YKM releases, I will be releasing a solo album as we plan and prepare for another YWAM Kona Music album. We are believing that many more solo artists will be raised up from YWAM Kona. It is my honor to be a forerunner for so many other young artists coming up behind me and to keep the music rolling out of Kona in between album releases. 

This album was birthed from a place of obedience to the Lord as I wrote with friends from all over the world. It’s a call to get our eyes on a Holy God who is worthy of our adoration, our worship, and our lives laid down to see the Gospel go forth to every nation on earth. There’s an urgency to the hour we live in and a reminder that apart from God, we can do nothing. Now and forever, King Jesus is sitting on the throne. May we be reminded of the His goodness in our lives and our job to share His goodness with others. 

My prayer is that these songs would allow you to go deeper with the Lord and farther than you ever dreamed possible. May the hope of Christ rise up in each of us and may it spur us to love and good deeds. Thank you for your love,  support, and partnership to help complete these songs. I will be traveling to Nashville around mid to end of February to work with my producer in getting these songs across the finish line for an early summer release!!

May the Lamb receive the full reward of his suffering!

Grace and Peace,

-Chris McCall-

First single to drop soon! July 11, 2022

Thanks to everyone who helped with the campaign!  Just wanted to let you know that the first three singles are with the label and the first single drops on July 29th!

Here is the pre-save link HERE and below you will find the single art cover.  Stay tuned for more great music!

New Video for You! May 18, 2022

Chris went ahead and recorded a special acoustic performance of his new song, Forever I'm Satisfied (Glory To God) that will be on his upcoming album.  Please spread the word as you can only see the video here.  We'd love to see his full 12,000 come in to help his album get released into the wild!


A Sound Is Rising From Myanmar ???? March 05, 2022


This is the third email in a series of four emails being sent out every other day. Click on the link HERE to read the first email and access the second email as well! 

Today's story comes from the beautiful country of Myanmar. This country is near and dear to my heart. I have traveled there numerous times, seen tons of salvations, freedom from drug dealing/addiction, and hand-delivered newly translated Bibles to unengaged people groups with my family.

It's in this context of evangelism that I met my dear friend "Tuang." In a time of prayer, he felt from the Lord to help translate for the YWAM teams coming for a huge evangelism campaign across the country. Specifically, in that time of prayer, he felt the Lord say, "I have someone for you to meet. He is important to your future." He responded in obedience and soon after he was translating for me and the team I was with. One evening, I was co-leading worship with my Burmese counterparts. During that time of worship, the Holy Spirit nudged "Tuang" and said, "He's the one." The next morning, "Tuang" began showing me Christian songs that he wrote and released to Youtube. The majority of all his videos had 30,000+ views! I was amazed! He began to tell me about his heart to see musicians get saved, know the Word of God, get trained, and write music that would be a fragrant offering rising to the Lord from Myanmar! I asked him, "How can I help?" This was when he told me the story of how God spoke to him. I told him I would love to support him somehow. I asked him, "What are your dreams for the future? What is your plan?" "Tuang" said, "I want to take a School of Worship in Kona, take a School of Biblical studies course in Kona, then come back to Myanmar and start a training facility. I just don't know who to talk to." I was stunned! I really was the person he needed to talk to! To make a long story short, he came and took my School of Worship course in Kona, helped take an outreach team to Myanmar, and continues to train and equip musicians! Last July, he told me that he had been to over 90 locations and had seen 3,000+ people get trained in local churches across the country. Amidst a pandemic and a military coup, the work that God began continues to move forward! This month, "Tuang" began his first worship school, in an undisclosed location, in Myanmar. He has 60 students and 15 staff. I'm undone by the goodness of God to take my meager acts of obedience, to steward the giftings He's given me, and multiply them in the nations of the earth. Thank you Jesus!

The Call To Action for Today:
Would you take some moments out of your day today and tomorrow to pray for "Tuang", his wife, the staff, and the students of the school? With the military controlling the country, danger is around almost every corner. Also, pray for the songs that I am recording, that God would inject His very presence into the sounds. That every person who listens to these songs would have their lives changed, in some way, by the power of God moving through song.

I'm so grateful for each of you. These stories are our stories.

May the Lamb receive the full reward of His suffering!! 

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Peace be with you,
Chris, Lizzi, Malakai, Laila, Rhema, and Moses

P.S.- Be on the lookout for an email on Monday with the subject title "The Goodness of God Is All Around".

Unity Amidst Destruction March 03, 2022


This is the second email in a series of four emails being sent out every other day. If you missed the first email, here is the link to the first one.

Today's story comes out of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. This past Friday, we received a video of a group of young people worshiping together declaring the greatness of God over the situation their families are facing. We've seen videos in the mainstream media of Christians praying and worshiping in various places around Ukraine. What was so incredible about this particular video was that these young people were a mixture of Ukrainians and Russians...and they were singing a song from one of our most recent albums to come out of YWAM Kona Music. They were singing the chorus of our song Missionary Anthem when the video was taken. The lyrics were, "Jesus you're worthy of every tribe and tongue. It's all for your glory..."

It's not surprising to me that music, or song, would be a place that people turn to in times of trouble to speak, or rather, sing words of hope over each other. It's been an amazing reminder of the power of song, the importance of good music filled with Biblical truth, and the open door that music has into every person's heart.

This is why I'm recording this album. I believe God has hand-delivered these songs to me through my collaborative song writes and that He wants to use these songs to touch people's hearts across the world. He's already doing it with the previous songs that I released. It's now become a simple 'yes' of obedience to Jesus in all the He continues to ask of me.

May songs filled with the hope of Jesus continue to rise across the earth!

The call to action for this email is simply this:

Would you be willing to forward either this email or the first email in the series to your personal email lists? In the beginning, you could write a quick personal reason why you think this is a worthy project to support. The more people who walk this journey with us the lighter the load becomes. 

May the Lamb receive the full reward of His suffering!! 


Peace be with you,
Chris, Lizzi, Malakai, Laila, Rhema, and Moses

Recording In Nashville! ???? March 01, 2022


We hope this email finds you doing well! This email will be the first in a series of four emails that we will be sending out every other day this week. They will be short emails telling a quick story about God's goodness in our lives, the impact he's had in the world using music, and a call to action!

As you may have gathered by now, I (Chris) have the incredible opportunity to pioneer something brand new for YWAM Kona Music. We are hoping to expand our output of songs by re-structuring our contract with Integrity Music. All that being said, I will be the first "Individual Artist" releasing an album through YWAM Kona Music. I leave for Nashville on Thursday evening to begin work on this new album with a planned release for late summer/early fall.

I truly believe that collaboration is the way forward in the days ahead. Ryan Zeulner with FEEDtheMUSIC has come alongside me in amazing ways to help champion music in my life over the years. That's where you come in! FEEDtheMUSIC has set up a way for me to crowdfund this album in a tax-deductible way. Would you consider giving towards this opportunity? In this way, I will own my masters and my songs rather than giving ownership over to a label or publisher. 

The most recent song that I released with YKM was Apostles Creed. I was so grateful to hear that my buddies Scott and Joel (Pawnshop Kings) led it at Grace Fellowship Church last Sunday. I looked at the stats for the song this morning and was blown away! It has been out for 9 months and has around 562,000 streams on Spotify alone. The top city listening to this song, in the past 28 days, is Singapore with 654 individual listeners listening to Apostles Creed. 654 real people learning the foundations of the Christian faith through song in Singapore. I praise God that He would give me the opportunity to pour into people's lives even when I can't be physically with them. We are in this journey together and I'm thankful for the way each of you has walked with us.

May the Lamb receive the full reward of His suffering!! 

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Peace be with you,
Chris, Lizzi, Malakai, Laila, Rhema, and Moses