May 26, 2022


Amazing Shiur by Rabbi Yaron Reuven 

Baruch HaShem the 5th CHIZUK EVENT was an an amazing night of inspiration For All Of Us.  HaShem is showing the world what happens when we live without His Holy Torah, and yet waits for us to do TeShuva. The Groundbreaking PROPHECY Shown in the shiur, The Inspiration, and Multitude of Real Life Questions Being Answered by Rabbi Reuven Made The Event A One-Of-A-Kind.    

 Amazing Work by Team BeEzrat Hashem in setting up a Beautiful Event With Lots of Valuable FREE Gifts, And Two Fortunate Families Won PRIZES in the RAFFLE.  Inspired Faces Were The Looks Everyone Went Back Home With Looking Forward To Sharing The Incites They Learned.    

Everyone Got To Meet And Sit One-on-One With The Rav, Getting Guidance and Berachot they Requested.  Baruch HaShem a Big Thank You To Our Generous SPONSORS Who Can Be Certain That Their Spiritual Portfolio's Value Skyrocketed In Last 24 Hours.  Praiseworthy Are They For Bring Nachat To HaShem. 

 The Next Event Is Being Prepared For June. Venue Details Will Be Published Soon.  If interested In ATTENDING or SPONSORING, please send email to [email protected]