Register: Sunday March 28: Atwill, Riddle & Beasley - If Ordinary MInd is the Way, What Makes it So Hard to See? February 10, 2022

Reminder to Register: If Ordinary MInd is the Way, What Makes it So Hard to See? 
with Atwill, Riddle & Beasley

Sunday March 28th, 10:30am-12pm PDT

Hi Everyone - A reminder that we are holding a cushion for you in the digital temple. If you have not already done so - Register!

Our delusions tend to complicate and obscure things, setting in like dense fog over a boundless sky. Part of practice is seeing through our delusions, by allowing them to reveal themselves in their full glory.

On Sunday, PZI teachers Allison Atwill, Michelle Riddle, and Tess Beasley will explore the slippery slopes and hidden treasures of our blinders, and how Zen’s Ordinary Mind  becomes a beacon of the Way.

Registration is free or you may opt to pay $10. to keep the PZI dharma lamps burning. Your zoom link is always right below the 'thank you!' when you complete your registration and also in your confirming email. 

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(This event takes the place of John Tarrant’s usual Sunday Meditation & Talk.)



Corey Hitchcock
Pacific Zen Institute
?Interpreter of the Wild?

Reminder! Register early for Guanyin's final Sunday with Allison Atwill Roshi February 10, 2022

Not to be missed! The final August Moon Sunday. 
Allison Atwill Roshi will manifest as Guanyin of Fire in the Pavilion Under the August Moon
on Sunday morning, August 30, 10:30am-12pm. PDT
See you there.

Warmly, Corey

Clarification - Sarah Bender Roshi will be Manifesting Guanyin as Air on SUNDAY morning February 10, 2022

Here again is the link for registration for SUNDAY morning!
See you there! Wishing you well. Corey

Reminder - sign up early for Sarah Bender Roshi's Guanyin in the Temple of the August Moon @ 10:30am PDT February 10, 2022

Hi Everyone - A reminder that Sarah Bender Roshi of PZI and Spring Mountain Sangha in Colorado will be manifesting Guanyin as the element Air this morning 10:30am PDT - noon. Register to join her. Here is the link to receive your zoom link

Registration is Free or you can opt in with a much appreciated $10. donation.
Breath Sweeps Mind!  See you there! 

Warmly, Corey

Reminder: Tess Beasley will be In Guanyin's Pavilion Under the August Moon February 10, 2022

Meditation & Talk Sunday August 16th, 10:30am-12noon 
Where: PZI Zen Online Digital Temple
Tess Beasley will be taking us into Guanyin's watery world!
See you there. Warmly, Corey Hitchcock - PZI Interpreter of the Wild

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?A reminder to register for Michelle Riddle Sensei - again manifesting Guanyin: Sun. August 9th February 10, 2022

?A reminder to register for Michelle Riddle Sensei - again manifesting Guanyin in the Pavilion? Under the August Moon!
The first of 4 Guanyin sessions with 4 notable PZI women teachers in August.
Sunday From 10:30am -12pm

Register to join us in the PZI digital temple  - FREE or Donate 10. Dana & donation are always gratefully received.

See you there!