October 04, 2023

DPC Nuts & Bolts is BACK!

The original Direct Primary Care conference is returning to Orlando March 14-16 in 2024.

Past sponsors get first crack at the various sponsor levels available.

First come first served. Click SPONSORS at

Hope to see you in first quarter 2024!

Bob Jacobus

Acting Director

Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

November 10, 2022

Hey Booth Sponsors,

Set ups are under way!

Sponsor tables are up and ready for your set ups on the 2nd floor of the conference area of the Renaissance Hotel.

Don't forget the welcome reception gets under way at 5pm.  Make sure to get in there and mingle if you are on site.

Thanks for your support

Bob Jacobus

Acting Director

Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

August 26, 2022

Thanks so much for joining out DPC Family.

Our hotel discount link is officially up and active.

If you did not book a hotel room the Renaissance Hotel Dallas is offering a discount for our conference.  Go to for updates & the link or visit the booking page directly:

See you in November!

[email protected]

August 16, 2022

DPC Attendees

We need you to take action!

TROJAN HORSE bill ( ) we defeated last year has been slipped into 3rd #CoronaVirus Bailout Bill to regulate Direct Primary Care practices nationwide.

Buried on page 171 of 247 pages of the 3rd Coronavirus bill is Sec. 4403 - Tell your Senator to delete it all!

Read the analysis of original bill we defeated last year that they slipped back in -

Chad Savage, MD, Board Member of DPC Action wrote a short analysis of what is happening:

We must get the Senator Bill Cassidy bill S.2999 OUT of the Corona Virus legislation and put the Senator Ted Cruz bill S.3112 IN.


Summary -

Contact your senator today - Monday may be too late - Email, Tweet, Call, Fax!!!…/contact_informati…/senators_cfm.cfm

- The Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation Team

August 16, 2022


Victories have been rolling in this year thanks to the supporters, large and small, that have fueled our efforts for more than 10 years. Now we need your help if you value our work.

Direct Primary Care - The membership model of medicine is now NATIONAL POLICY.

It was my honor to be invited by The White House to Charlotte, NC in September, and to be seated directly behind President Trump as he laid out his vision for returning health care back to American patients.  

In the press release from The White House, number 2 on the list of ENSURING BETTER CARE is "improve access to direct primary care arrangements that cut out the middleman and cut red tape to enable patients to spend more time with their doctors."  

Institutional Change - Years of showing up has made our Foundation's doctors the "go to" citizens for help in writing and reviewing draft legislation.

We have made dozens of trips to Washington, D.C. and State legislatures to teach and testify contributing to the expansion and protection of DPC across the land.

The Free Market - The third leg to our stool is growing the adoption of DPC by docs and showing the savings to patients and the marketplace - nationwide.

For years, facing hostility in the prior administration, we launched a ground game, focusing on local policy victories while at the same time, training physicians in our annual to build a movement.

We have been promoting the adoption of DPC in business (a great employee perk that improves the owner's bottom line) - even helping small hospitals save millions! (Important video at )

The platform and influence the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation has today is borne of long fought battles, sacrifice of time and finances, and the ongoing donations of those with the vision to commit for the long, nation shaping, goals before us.

This has taken its toll and in the midst of our victory, we are struggling to meet the opportunities before us simply for a lack of financial fuel.

Please consider keeping us in the fight with a one time gift or even better - a monthly commitment that allows us to budget the year.

Support D4PCF online here

Your Partner in the Fight,

Lee Gross, MD

President, Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

Ps. - Our team of doctors (board and advisors) have been on fire this year.  They are influencing policy and persuading the public. Here is just a sampling of our media engagement…

Me and Vice President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation Dr. Michael Koriwchak at the announcement including DPC as National Policy - see the White House press release here.

The White House Is Listening to Practicing Doctors on Health Care

Mike Koriwchak - Oct 01, 2020


Debunking the ‘Trump Doesn’t Have a Health Care Plan’ Myth

Chad Savage - Oct 6, 2020


Democrats Talk, President Trump Walks the Walk on Healthcare Reform

Katarina Lindley - Oct 14

August 16, 2022


I want to give you a glimpse behind the scenes like I did as former host of the Doctor's Lounge radio show for the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation - of which I am proud to be Vice President of the Board.

Click here for my Video Briefing -

Whether you know us from

  • our conferences training up a generation of doctors in the Direct Primary Care practice model

  • the dozens of Op-Eds and white papers nationally published OR

  • Our through our victories in Washington, DC and many States 

All these success have been built over more than a decade by a core team of physicians donating thousands of hours and making dozens of trips to Washington D.C and State capitols —all through their own personal sacrifices of money and time.

Our platform has grown over three presidential administrations. We are the “go-to” health care group in crafting legislation & policy that protects the doctor-patient relationship.

We even have been key in moving Direct Primary Care to becoming a National Policy goal of the executive branch.

We have succeeded beyond our financial capacity.  Personal sacrifice is no longer enough.  Our staffing and infrastructure lacks the funds to go any farther.

We need you to step up and commit to monthly support. No matter any amount.

When we get the call to brief legislatures about the front lines of medicine, we want to be able to drop everything and go.

When forces against health care put a Trojan horse in pending legislation, we need to be there to sound the alarm on a moment’s notice.

Help us continue shifting American healthcare back to sanity.  No matter who wins the election we will keep up the fight but we need your help.  

Please go to right now and pledge  just $25 a month.  Every donation brings us closer to the goal.

Your Partner in the Fight,

Michael Koriwchak, MD

Vice President, Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

Ps. - Our team of doctors (board and advisors) have been on fire this year.  They are influencing policy and persuading the public. Here is just a sampling of our media engagement…

Florida Medical Association Interview on Direct Primary Care

Medicine, Curated Podcast: Can #DirectPrimaryCare increase access to health care, reduce costs, and improve care and outcomes? Dr. Lee Gross has done all of those things and shares his experience.

Dr. Chad Savage: Biden on Healthcare - History Lesson 

John Fredericks Show - October 15, 2020

Debunking the ‘Trump Doesn’t Have a Health Care Plan’ Myth

Chad Savage - Oct 6, 2020

Dr. Josh Umbehr - Saving on Healthcare

WVMT's The Morning Drive - Discussing Direct Primary Care and how it may save significant amounts of money for consumers, employers, and insurance companies.