September 26, 2022

To our Team Kara supporters,

We have an important update to share.  After setting a personal record in the 2.5 swim and while cycling at a personal record pace for over 100 miles, near the very end of the cycling course yesterday evening, David was involved in a significant bike accident that required medical attention.  David is safely recovering right now at Erlanger medical center in Chattanooga, and though a little banged up and sporting some serious “road rash,” is on the road to recovery.  Keep sending positive prayers and great vibes his way, and we’ll continue to provide updates on his progress. 

On behalf of David, his family, and the entire Mission IsPossible community, we want to thank you for your continued support of the Team Kara IronMan 4MIP and the Kara Moore Servant Scholarship Fund. 


Grant Magness 

Mission IsPossible Foundation