Aarons Presents Comment June 13, 2014

I just wanted to thank all of you for incredible generosity and trust. As this entire program is essentially a Presents Fund for my son Aaron, from the very beginning it has been an important part of our overall vision to offer other people the opportunity to create a meaningful living legacy for a loved one they are missing and remembering dearly. It is my sincere hope that seeing the purposeful, thoughtful work of young children will bring a small amount of comfort and healing as it has for our family. I can't wait to share with you details of new projects funded by all of you in memory of Dr. Metwally this coming fall during our next grants cycle. Reading about Dr. Metwally and all that he embodied as a loving, brilliant, fully engaged human being has already inspired me, and I know that his life will touch many others for a long time to come. I feel honored to be connected to each of you through him. More to come soon... Thank you.

COMMENT FROM Fabio Malagisi
Leah, Thank you for your leadership at Aaron's Presents. I'm hopeful the Dr Alan Metwally Presents Fund will serve as an example of how powerful Aaron's Presents can be.