Aaron's Presents Comment December 15, 2014

Hello again,
I wanted to share with you our second project of this year, "Cute and Girly Hair Bows: By Annette," funded by Dr. Metwally's Presents Fund. Annette is a 7th grade girl who loves crafts and had just learned how to make hair bows. She came up with the idea to make and sell them in order to benefit a couple organizations that she felt strongly about. One is a microfunding organization that helps people in poverty around the world start businesses, and the other is a program that sends care packages with needed supplies to children in Guatemala.

She did an incredible job, going above and beyond and sending me photos and updates all along the way. She really "got" out of the experience exactly what we hope for--that she can use her interests, skills, and work ethic to help others both now and at every stage of her life. What she learns to do and then does can benefit others in significant ways.

Thank you again for making this all possible! I hope that reading about her inspiration will bring some joy to this season, that can be hard and bittersweet for all of us who are missing those special people we were blessed to know and love.

With much love and good wishes to all of you,

15 December 2014