Aaron's Presents Comment April 06, 2015

Sorry that it has been a few months since I have sent an update. It has been a full (of snow) winter, and we also celebrated the birth of our daughter 6 weeks ago.

I'm very excited to share with you 2 new projects that have been funded by all of your contributions to The Dr. Alan Metwally Presents Fund!

First is a project called "Scrapbook Kids!" This was conceived by a group of three 3rd graders and one 2nd grader in Andover, MA. Their initial idea was to do scrapbooking with kids who are in the hospital. I agreed with them that this seemed like a perfect activity for kids who are facing health challenges, but unfortunately the law doesn't allow kids under 15 to volunteer in hospitals. We brainstormed further, and I suggested scrapbooking with residents at a nursing home, and to my surprise they all said, "Yes!" and were excited about the idea. So, in November and January, we arranged for them to scrapbook with seniors at two different nursing homes and they rose to the challenge beautifully! They adjusted to the wide range of abilities and understanding and overcame any nervousness within a few minutes. The finished products were so charming and full of youthful energy and kindness. I happened to see a couple of the kids last week, and they asked me if I could arrange another date! Very impressive and inspiring work from 7 and 8 year olds!

Second is a project called "Not a Simple Piece of Rope." 7th grader Nathan, from Chelmsford, MA, heard about Aaron's Presents and spent the entire evening combing the website and learning about our process. His mom said he was so excited about applying that he neglected his homework for a few nights! He decided that he wanted to make 400 paracord bracelets for soldiers, according to the specs laid out by Operation Gratitude, an organization that encourages helpful projects to benefit soldiers. Paracord can be used for hundreds of purposes, including tourniquets, and can hold 550 lbs. of weight. Making this many bracelets was a tall order, but he taught himself how to make them, researched all of the supplies and costs, and brought together members of his extended family and his synagogue to help him. Within a few months, he had achieved his goal! He was so proud of what he had accomplished as he packed them all up and took them to the post office.

I hope you will enjoy taking a look at the pictures in the Projects Gallery and know that you gave 5 more children an opportunity to practice leading, helping and seeing firsthand their ability to make a positive difference in other people's lives. They all took such ownership of their projects and LOVED leading the way at every step. I know for sure that this experience was memorable, meaningful and fun for each of them.

Thank you again for your continued support of these kids and our work and mission. Dr. Metwally truly inspires us everyday.

This spring we will be completing another 35+ projects with 100+ kids, so there will be more to come soon!

All the best,
Leah 6 April 2015

Leah, thank you for continuing the work that my father set out to achieve, bringing joy to the lives of others. I am thrilled with the projects that have been executed thanks to this fund. I am ever so grateful for your efforts and for perpetuating my father's legacy.
- Natalia Metwally 8 April 2015

Natalia, Thank you so much for writing. It means everything to me that you feel your father would have been proud to have these projects and children be part of his legacy. Joyful is the word I would use to describe these kids when they're working on their projects and when they have finished and are reflecting back on what they accomplished. There is also much joy felt by those who receive their acts of kindness and service.
Wishing you and your family the best this spring,
Leah 8 April 2015