Update from 12/26/2018 October 02, 2019

Dear Family and Friends of Dr. Alan Metwally,

I’m writing to thank you once again for being such an
inspiring part of Aaron’s Presents over the past 4 ½ years, in memory and honor
of Dr. Metwally.

It has been the greatest privilege of my life to carry out
this work and hold his giving, loving, joyful spirit in my heart everyday.


I put together the attached slideshow of the projects and
Alumni activities that your generous gifts have made possible over the past
year. I cannot thank you enough, as I have seen the impact that they have had
on so many young people. You can see the spark in their eyes—that special look
that only comes from feeling like we have purpose, potential and a meaningful
role in the world.


Many of these kids are up against a lot—poverty, lack of
food and basic needs, lack of adult support, lack of transportation and
extracurricular opportunities, racism, immigration anxiety, low-performing
schools, unstable home situations, and on and on—and to have people come to
them and want to invest real resources and time in their ideas, and to be able
to do something that benefits others and be the “givers” seems like a small
thing, but is actually life- and perspective-altering.


One of the projects you funded this year was featured on
WCVB Channel 5 this fall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPmFcyGGGYc


Here is the main page for the fund for your reference, and I
have included a link to this slideshow and the TV piece:



Thank you again for your support, encouragement and love! It
has made a world of difference, and we are so excited for the growth we are
planning for in the next few years to reach more kids!

Happy New Year to you all,