Complete List of Contributors to date March 24, 2020

A complete listing of everyone who has contributed to the Dr. Alan Metwally Presents Fund:
Boland, Maureen
Boland, John and Eileen
Casavant, Lindsay and Jason
Corsello, Charles
Crawford, Lauren
Cueto, Daniel and Ashley
Delaney, Gerrianne
Desmond, John
Dolian, Brad

Douyard, Sarah
Drago, Joseph
Dumm, Tim
Egan-Malagisi, Shay
Gwizdak, Helene
Heath, Rory
Lyons, Zach
Malagisi, Fabio
Metwally, Margaret
Metwally, Mark
Metwally Trotman, Natalia
O'Connor, Ryan
Pepi, David
Puza, Dan
Rasch, Steve
Segovia, Aggie and Guido
Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
Szesze, Casey
Talwalkar, Ameet
Zalesky, Dolores