Update to The Dr. Alan Metwally Presents Fund July 29, 2017

Dear Contributors,

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

I wanted to thank you once again for the dedication and love with which you have filled this fund in honor of Dr. Metwally. The money in this special fund has been used to support 40 different ideas initiated by 120+ kids ages 7-14. Their projects have in turn impacted over 2,000 people and animals in their communities and numerous community organizations and programs.

Our four core values are Generosity, Human Connection, Caring and Positive Empowerment. These values are reflected in every project, both in how we mentor the kids and in how they carry out their projects. We firmly believe that the impact and excitement we are seeing in the kids can be traced back to the power of these simple yet powerful concepts.

And it all comes back to love. Our goal is to love them into loving others, and once they experience both the receiving and giving of love, they want more. And more.

With Fabio's blessing, and I hope all of yours, we are going to use some of the money raised this year to fund a new initiative we call Alumni Engagement. We want to stay connected with our Alumni who have aged out of our main program and are now in 9th and 10th grade, particularly the kids with the highest need for opportunity, experiences and self-development. We have been organizing larger group service projects, outings to colleges and companies, partnering with summer programs to get them near-full scholarships, and supporting their individual passions with things like art supplies. Our message to them is still the same: the more you develop yourselves, the more you know, the more skills you possess, the more you can give and contribute to the world.

I will share more about this work with you soon! Aaliyah, a 9th grader from the city of Lawrence, MA who did several projects with us this year, wrote this after touring an innovative tech company called Next Jump this past week:

"This tour changed my perspective on companies. My first thought about working at a company was that you would only be behind a screen for most of your hours then just go home. I honestly had no interest in companies at first but as soon as I went to Next Jump, I thought that the stereotypes that I have been creating in my mind were all myths now. Thanks to Next Jump I have taken consideration into maybe working at a company or even working at Next Jump. Thank you for showing me all the great things that a company could achieve as a team and as a family."

It is my hope that the work we are doing to empower our youth makes all of you proud and reflects the love that you all have for Dr. Metwally and that he had for all of you, and the legacy you would wish for him.

Thank you again, and please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with any questions or feedback!

With love and gratitude,


Leah Okimoto

Founder & Executive Director


(978) 809-5487

[email protected]