October 25, 2022

?Happy New Year and Thank You for registering for the 2022 Spring Fundamentals of Mediation with Dr. Fowler sponsored by Billings Mediation Center.

This is a reminder of the Orientation Session scheduled Monday, January 17, 2022 from Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Orientation Agenda
      A) Introduce Yourself
      B) We Introduce You to Billings Mediation Training Site
Schedule and Calendar Review
Technology Check for Zoom and Your Device
Troubleshooting and Checking for Updates in Zoom 
Comfort with Break-Out Rooms
Question & Answer

A Zoom Link to this Orientation will be delivered to your mailbox at least 2 days prior to orientation.

Did you know of this feature in GMail?  You can snooze this email to appear as unread when you would like to be reminded.  From your list of emails, select the clock icon (fourth on the right of each email).  Once selected, many options are offered, including custom for your choice.  

We look forward to "seeing" you for Orientation.

Morgan Peralta, Project Coordinator
Billings Mediation Center

"Transforming Conflict-Avoidance into Conflict-Resilience ... through perseverance and grace."