May 12, 2023

Good morning Golfers,

On this eve of the Shadle Park Golf
Fundraiser we wanted to send out a few reminders!

  • 1.      
     Absolutely no outside alcohol is allowed on
    the course.  Anyone found to have such
    will be immediately removed from the course and their team forfeits their play
    for this years and subsequent years.  The
    city is cracking down and we will not allow your poor decisions to affect our
    status and future of this fundraiser.
  • 2.      
    One person from your team is all that is needed
    to check in.
  • 3.      
    The carts will not have keys, so don’t ask and
    please be patient until the course personal brings them out to us.
  • 4.      
    Range balls are not included in the day.  You must pay for them.
  • 5.      
    All scoring will be done using an online scoring
    system that James Barber has secured and will be showing teams how to access
    and us scoring system. There will be no exceptions to the rule. All scoring will
    be live and online only.  A QR code to
    access the site will be on your cart, but please see James Barber at the
    registration desk for proper use of the tool.

Thank you all for your support, we greatly appreciate you
and hope you have an amazing day!

April 19, 2023

Hey Shadle Golfers!!! 

We are just a few short weeks away from the BEST weekend of the year ? Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!  Here are some updates/information/reminders.  Please communicate these items with your team. 

  • Have any remaining players sign up by Saturday 4/22
  • FLATSTICK PRE-PARTY on Friday May 12th - more info coming soon
  • Downriver - Check in Saturday May 13th starts at 12:00pm - Please  be on time
  •  No outside alcohol is allowed on the course
  • Scorecards will be AUTOMATED. You'll need a charged smart phone (and a charger maybe).  
  • Golf Carts are equipped with USB outlets
  • ADELLO'S  After Party -  Join us for our private party for prizes, raffles, food and music!

Your Golf Committee

Tom, Mick, Jeff, Chris, James

March 31, 2023


WOW!!  We are so humbled and thrilled to share with you all that we are already FULL! We cannot except anymore NEW Golf Teams at this point.  

We just have a handful of teams, listed below, that need to have remaining players register. Please send them the link below and have them register to join an existing team by April 22nd.  After that date we will look at merging existing teams to determine if we can allow more in. 


The Pre-Party: Friday May 12th
FLATSTICK PUB 6:30 PM Mini Golf/Duffle Board Tournament
The After Party: Saturday May 13th
ADELLO's! Private party for prizes, raffles, food and music!

Your Golf Tournament Chairmen,
Tom and Mick

The link to Register: Choose Join an Existing Team

Long Shank Redemptions
Off Kilter
SPHS Golf All Stars
Lakeside Highlanders
Small White Dimpled Balls
Grip It and Sip It
Eagle Hunters & Ball Gatherers
We Be 83
Par Then Bar Gals

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