Weekly Open Temple Reminder & Schedule: Weekday Meditations + Night Owls September 26, 2022

Dear friends, join us in the Temple! 

We're gathering for koan meditation on weekday mornings, Mondays–Fridays, plus Monday and Wednesday nights, through September 30th. 

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Week 8: September 19–23, 2022

Weekday Morning Sessions

Session 1: East Temple:  7–8:00 am EDT  (or 4–5:00 am PDT) 

Session 2: West Temple:  6–7:00 am PDT (or 9–10:00 am EDT) 

Monday & Wednesday Nights

Night Owl Temple: 9:30–10:30 pm PDT (or 11:30 pm –12:30 am CDT) 

Week 8 Temple Leaders

East Temple (EDT), West Temple (PDT), Night Temple (PDT): 

September 19:  Monday AM — Judy Swan EDT / Holly Maiz PDT 

September 19:  Monday PM — Jordan McConnell PDT 


September 20: Tuesday AM — Marion Power EDT /  Todd Geist PDT 


September 21:  Wednesday AM — Marion Power EDT / Alison McCabe PDT

September 21:  Wednesday PM — Jordan McConnell PDT  


September 22: Thursday AM — Judy Swan EDT / Corey Hitchcock PDT


September 23: Friday AM — Chris Gaffney EDT / Jan Brogan PDT

Practice leaders bring koans and poems every day. 

Hope to see you there!




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Pacific Zen Institute

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