Open Temple Reminder: THURSDAY AM Meditations w. Marion Power EDT & Eduardo Fuentes PDT September 26, 2022

Hello friends, meditate with us in the Open Temple tomorrow!

THURSDAY, October 28th: Early Morning Meditations

EAST TEMPLE – Marion Power will hold a cushion for you in the East Temple, from 7-8 am EDT (or 4-5 am PDT), to sit with According with the Way.
EAST KOAN: The heart-mind turns in accord with the ten thousand things. The pivot on which it turns is very deep.
WEST TEMPLE – Eduardo Fuentes will welcome you in the West Temple, from 6-7 am PDT (or 9-10 am EDT), with Linji's Take the Role of Host:
WEST KOAN: Wherever you are, just take the role of host, and that place will be a true place. – Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koans, 38d

Feel free to attend any or all sessions, whether East or West.

Join us on Halloween Sunday for a 1-Day Retreat with John Tarrant & Tess Beasley: Calling In the Ancestors, 10-4 PDT.

Karin Pfluger
Pacific Zen Institute
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