Open Temple Reminder for WEDNESDAY AM Meditations w. Tess Beasley EDT & Corey Hitchcock PDT September 26, 2022

Your cushion awaits... 

Meditate in the Open Temple tomorrow!

WEDNESDAY, October 27th: Early Morning Meditations

EAST TEMPLE – Tess Beasley will hold a cushion for you in the East Temple, from 7-8 am EDT (or 4-5 am PDT), to sit with The Egg.
When Qiyuan Xinggang had a profound opening, her teacher asked, “What was it like when you were gestating the spiritual embryo?”
She replied, “It solidified, deep and solitary.”
“When you gave birth, what was that like?”
“Being stripped completely bare.”
“What about when you met the Ancestor?”
“I met the Ancestor face to face." 
—Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koans, Case 53
WEST TEMPLE – Corey Hitchcock will welcome you in the West Temple, from 6-7 am PDT (or 9-10 am EDT), with Clouds Boil Rice.
On the mountain, clouds boil rice.  —Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koans, Case 29a
(This is Dongshan’s quote from Transmission of the Lamp, in his commentary on Blue Cliff Record Case 96. The mountain refers to sacred Mount Wutai, dedicated to Manjushri.) 

Feel free to attend any or all sessions, whether East or West.

Join us on Halloween Sunday for a 1-Day Retreat with John Tarrant & Tess Beasley: Calling In the Ancestors, 10-4 PDT.



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