Open Temple Reminder: Monday AM Meditations w. David Parks EDT & Jonathan Meyers PDT September 26, 2022

Dear Friends — Join us for early morning meditation in the Open Temple tomorrow!

Monday Morning Meditation, June 7:

KOAN EAST — David Parks will hold a cushion for you in the Eastern Temple from 7-8am EDT (or 4-5am PDT) to sit with Case #3 from The Blue Cliff Record.

KOAN WEST — Jonathan Meyers will welcome you in the Western Temple from 6-7am PDT (or 9-10am EDT) with Case #6 from The Blue Cliff Record. 

Master Ma Is Unwell (BCR Case #3)
Great Ancestor Ma was seriously ill. The chief priest of the temple asked him, "Master, how are you feeling these days?" Master Ma said, "Sun Face Buddha, Moon Face Buddha."

Yunmen's Day of the Full Moon (BCR Case #6)
Yunmen said, “I’m not asking you about before the full moon. Come and say a word or two about after the full moon.” And he himself replied, “Every day is a good day.”

Feel free to attend any or all sessions in the Eastern and Western Temples.

See you there. 
With warm wishes, Karin