Tuesday Temple Reminder: AM Meditations w. David Parks EDT & Allison McCabe PDT September 26, 2022

Dear Friends — Join us for morning meditation in the Open Temple tomorrow!

(Reminder: Recurring link for the Open Temple is in your registration receipt email.)

Tuesday Morning Meditation, June 8:

KOAN EAST — David Parks will hold a cushion for you in the Eastern Temple from 7-8am EDT (or 4-5am PDT) to sit with Case #6 from The Blue Cliff Record.

KOAN WEST — Allison McCabe will welcome you in the Western Temple from 6-7am PDT (or 9-10am EDT) with Case #89 from The Blue Cliff Record. 

Yunmen's Good Day (BCR #6)
Yunmen addressed the assembly and said, "I am not asking you about the days before the fifteenth of the month. What about after the fifteenth? Come and give me a word about those days." And he himself gave the answer for them, "Every day is a good day."

Yunyan Asks Daowu About Hands and Eyes (BCR #89)
Yunyan asked Daowu, “How does the bodhisattva of great compassion use all those hands and eyes?”
Daowu answered, “It’s like reaching behind you for a pillow in the middle of the night.” “I understand.” “What do you understand?” “The whole body is hands and eyes.”
“That’s very well expressed, but it only says 80%.” “What would you say, older brother?” “All through the body are hands and eyes.”

Feel free to attend any or all sessions in the Eastern and Western Temples!

See you there. 
With warm wishes, Karin