Open Temple Pass - Morning reminder for Thursday morning meditations September 26, 2022

Dear Friends — Join us for morning meditation in the Open Temple tomorrow. 

Thursday Morning Meditation, June 10:

KOAN EAST — Marion Power will welcome you in the Eastern Temple from 7-8am EDT (or 4-5am PDT) to sit with a mystery koan from The Blue Cliff Record.

KOAN WEST — Jonathan Meyers will hold a cushion for you in the Western Temple from 6-7am PDT (or 9-10am EDT) with Case #17 from The Blue Cliff Record

Xianglin’s Why Bodhidharma Came from the West (BCR #17)

A student asked Xianglin, “Why did Bodhidharma come from the West?”
Xianglin said, “Sitting for a long time is tiring.”

Feel free to attend any or all sessions in the Eastern and Western Temples.

See you there.