NEW LINK 6/23-6/30 - Open Temple Pass SESSHIN WEEK Reminder September 26, 2022

Dear friends — PZI is in Summer Sesshin. And early morning meditation continues in the Open Temple. This email is the only Open Temple Reminder for the upcoming Sesshin Week, June 23 - 27. 

Be sure to KEEP this email for reference!

Temple Pass holders: If you are not joining sesshin, be sure to use this NEW LINK

starting Wednesday morning, June 23, and onwards throughout the rest of June.

Early Morning Meditation Schedule, Wednesday June 23 - Sunday June 27

Eastern Temple — A practice leader will welcome you in the Eastern Temple from 7-8am EDT (or 4-5am PDT):

  • Wednesday, June 23 -- Tess Beasley
  • Thursday, June 24 -- Judy Swan
  • Friday, June 25 -- Tess Beasley
  • Saturday, June 26 -- Judy Swan
  • Sunday, June 27 -- Tess Beasley

Western Temple — A practice leader will hold a cushion for you in the Western Temple from 6-7am PDT (or 9-10am EDT).

  • Wednesday, June 23 -- Tess Beasley
  • Thursday, June 24 -- Jan Black
  • Friday, June 25 -- Tess Beasley
  • Saturday, June 26 -- Jan Black
  • Sunday, June 27 -- Tess Beasley

Koans — Practice leaders will offer koans every morning, from the magnificent Blue Cliff Record.  

You're invited to attend any or all sessions in the Eastern and Western Temples. Enjoy your morning meditations. 

With warmest regards,

Corey & Karin