Weekly Open Temple Reminder & Schedule: Daily Morning Meditations (Night Owl on Break) September 26, 2022

Hello friends,

Early morning meditations in Open Temples East and West continue throughout Winter Sesshin and beyond, through February 11th. Night Owl Sessions are on break this week and will return February 7th. 

Please continue to use your recurring Open Temple Zoom link throughout sesshin. 
Here it is again, for your convenience:

Daily Morning Schedule:
Session 1: East Temple:  7-8:00 am EST  (4-5:00 am PST) 
—BREAK for breakfast—
Session 2: West Temple:  6-7:00 am PST (9-10:00 am EST)

No Night Owl next week. Night Owl returns February 7th.

Open Temple morning practice leaders for Week 4, our Sesshin Week:
Sessions 1 & 2
January 31, Monday — Judy Swan, Jan Brogan
February 1, Tuesday — Tyson DavisAlison McCabe
February 2, Wednesday — Jamie KissingerJan Black
February 3, Thursday — Judy SwanJan Black
February 4, Friday — Tyson DavisMichelle Riddle
February 5, Saturday — Jamie Kissinger, Jan Black
February 6, Sunday — Tess BeasleyJan Black

We'd love to see you there!

Karin Pfluger
Pacific Zen Institute
Web Coordination & General Admin