Closing of the 2022 Capital Campaign January 31, 2023

So...the numbers are in!  And here is what YOU did:

  • We raised $35,550 for the 2022 Capital Campaign.  Short/below our goal, but we did have a VERY nice campaign.  And again ALL of the money will go DIRECTLY to our clients.   
  • We will certainly invest in our community WISELY and purposefully in 2023.

This is what we have supported:

  • Assisted an additional 16 clients (in 2022) with a total of 126 clients since our founding in 2011.   
  • Completed more than 220 consultations, work assignments and construction projects (of all sizes).
  • Provided annual scholarships for 10 (in 2022) students who have lost their fathers. 
  • Supported needs and collaborated with other local non-profits in our community.  

Again........thank you so much for your support!   

Today's campaign update December 28, 2022

We're getting close to the "finish line" and the end of our 2022 campaign.   We are grateful to be at 55% of our desired goal and we are praying for a strong final week of the year.   We KNOW that there are several worthy non-profits, deserving of your support.  And we hope that Missing Man Ministry is one of them. 

EVERY non-profit that we collaborate with is experiencing a very large growth in need for their services.  And we are too.   So please prayerful consider how to share your resources, as you are able.    

We are so thankful for your support.  

Speaking of support, if you haven't already, PLEASE sign up for Amazon SMILE and designate M3 as your charity.   I know this might sound like a "pittance", but EVERY cent counts.  It enables us to continue our ministry.   

Late last week, we received notice from Amazon Smile that:

This is the quarterly notification to inform you that
AmazonSmile has made a charitable donation to the charity you’ve selected, Missing Man Ministry Inc,
in the amount of $29.94
as a result of qualifying purchases made by you and other customers between July
1st - September 30th.

Thanks to customers shopping at smile.amazon.com
or using the Amazon app with AmazonSmile turned ON, everyday purchases make an
impact. So far, AmazonSmile has donated:

  • $200.17
    to Missing Man Ministry Inc*

Again everything adds up and makes a difference!  Thank you..................hope you had a fantastic Christmas celebration and we look forward to working with you in 2023.  Stay safe!!!!!!!!!

End of year "Scammers".............be careful! December 22, 2022

thanks to Kathy Young , President and CEO of TVNPA, I'd like to share a "scam alert" with you all.  I'm pretty sure we're ALL getting bombarded with scam/spam email, so we all want to spread the word:

"'Tis the season, and scammers are taking advantage of our busyness and the number of emails we are all receiving! 
This week one of our board members received an email appearing to be from the CEO of one of our member nonprofits asking for help to process an important program expense on their behalf via Zelle, Venmo, ACH or Wire Transfer.
Thankfully the email was poorly written, and it was pretty apparent it was a scam, but these emails are getting more sophisticated. Please be extra careful this holiday season and if you are unsure about an email and its contents please call to verify before responding. And remember not to not click on any link contained in a suspect email.

So.........if you're not SURE of a suspicious email, please ask for help, contact the vendor, or call the company to request further clarification.   

Thank you.  

We're inching up there.........but plenty of room left! December 13, 2022

THANK YOU to all those who have supported us financially this year in our Capital Campaign.  We appreciate it very much.   I wanted to give you a few more updates, that you can share with your friends and family. NOT to "guilt them" into giving, but to show them what we are doing in our C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y.

Another college scholarship recipient, writes the following.   (But first and so that you know, please put yourself in MY shoes.  I'm from a little farm town in Southern Indiana.  Population 3,000.  So "the world" to me, was Michigan or Illinois or Ohio; not outside of the U.S.A.  So reading this story was very powerful for me, because I've not yet been outside of the United States.  I hope you'll find it as amazing as I and we do!).

I was born and raised in
Afghanistan and lost my father at the age of 9. I started to learn how to do my
homework by myself since my mother never attended school. She had to take on
the family responsibilities without having enough experience with the outside world. As a kid, I was avoiding making
eye contact with kids who have fathers, on father’s day. Even though some of
them didn’t know that my dad had passed away, it felt like they knew it.

After we moved to the United States
from Afghanistan, language and finance were problems. I tried to learn English
and take other classes, like Science, Math, and History with no English
knowledge. During 8th grade, Science was one of the most difficult classes that
I had because it was hard for me to translate the vocabulary. By working hard
and getting a lot of help from my teacher, I managed to get an A, and, during
my second semester, received an award.

I found a way to overcome some of
the financial stress my family faced by getting a job as a server at the senior
community retirement home. The process of writing my own resume and completing
the application was challenging but It was the only way I knew how to help my
mom with rent and other expenses. The stress of learning a new culture and the
financial struggles my family endured, made it that much more challenging to
adjust to my new life in the United States.

Living in a three-story building
almost my entire young life, I did not have to think about not having enough
space for a desk to study. My specific interest in architecture developed when
I moved to the United States and lived in a two-bedroom apartment with my mom
and four siblings; there was no longer space for desks. I realized that, by
becoming an architect, I can help other students in the future not have to
worry about whether there is enough space for their work/study desks or their
beds. I want to inspire others to reach for their dreams and know that there
are other ways to achieve them in spite of the challenges they face.

Continuing Care Many of our M3 clients stay in touch with us regularly.   And we WANT to keep in touch should they need ANYTHING further.   In the last 5 weeks, we've had several requests for grocery gift cards.  We are happy to immediately email our clients gift cards to Safeway or Lucky, to literally keep food on the table.  With inflation and the high cost of food, some of our clients are struggling.   "Do I pay the utility bills?  Rent?   groceries"?  It's NOT an easy decision.  And we are happy to step in and say "........here...............we CERTAINLY don't want you to suffer around groceries".   

Volunteers.   We are ALWAYS looking for more volunteers to help us with our mission.   We have several "core volunteers" we can rely on EVERY time, such as Julie, David and Louis.   AND we need more. So if you're serious and able to help us with phone calls, emails, gift cards, listening, gardening, moving, etc.   PLEASE contact us.   We will do everything to find a support role for your abilities and talent.    

Collaboration and community..........one in the same? December 09, 2022

Today I'd like to highlight one of our collaboration partners, Monthly Miracles.   They are one local non-profit we partner with, because we are ALL on a mission. To help those less fortunate.    Recently, Kristina (Executive Director) shared a story about a recent "shared client", Cindy.  

"Last winter Cindy lost her husband, and her
3 children lost their father due to medical complications. Devastated, this
family had to figure out how to move forward without their provider. As they
were getting stabilized and getting help from a local shelter, we were
contacted to facilitate a long-term housing solution. As soon we found the
perfect place to rent, we reached out to our partner Missing Man Ministry,
whose mission is to help widows. With this awesome partnership, we were able to
ensure Cindy's entire move-in costs were covered, and their place is fully

Our volunteers spent time with this family in prayer and ministry as they
stepped into this new chapter of their lives. New life is difficult, but
possible, especially when you have a loving and supportive community around
you. Cindy said that not only did she lose her husband, but he was also her
best friend. She is now learning to lean on God and is so grateful for our
supportive community that has carried her through this tragedy. She is feeling
hopeful and is extremely grateful!"

Also, here is another testimony from another one of our College scholarship recipients.  Again, these are just BRILLIANT young adults; the future!

"My name is Maral and I am a fourth year
Global Disease Biology student at UC Davis. I began receiving the MMM Scholarship
in my first year of college. Since then, I have studied abroad in England,
volunteered at hospitals and clinics, founded multiple organizations that focus
on the health of women and children, and met a lot of amazing people along the
way. These experiences could not have been possible without the help of the MMM
Scholarship and the amazing people at MMM. The generosity and kindness of MMM
has enabled me to focus on my studies and being immersed in the university
experience, rather than worrying about where my next meal is going to come
from. With the help of MMM, I will be able graduate, on time, this June with a
Bachelor’s of Science in Global Disease Biology (with an emphasis on public
health), with the hopes of becoming a doctor one day. Finally, I want to thank
everyone at MMM for allowing me the privilege to experience university life to
the fullest"

The GIFT of giving! December 06, 2022

So........I literally woke up early this morning thinking about this.   It is SO EASY to support our clients, through Missing Man Ministry.  It can be as simple as donating money to us to be used for gift cards.  You get the tax write-off; we get to continue helping our clients.  Simple.  

A recent example that hopefully demonstrates how EASY this can be.  

One of our continuing care clients, Darla (not her real name), texted us twice in the last 4 weeks.   "..........my family and I are out of food.................I had some unexpected medical expenses..........can you help?".   

Our reply was "Of COURSE we can help.....................do you shop at Safeway or Lucky?".   "Safeway please".  

Thanks to Amazon SMILE, we simply logged in to our account; ordered DIGITAL gift cards for Safeway; emailed to our client and "voila!"...............simple and quick..................took less than FIVE MINUTES!  

We ALL learned through this example too.   We HAD previously been driving to a gift card center and then meeting our client to hand the actual cards to her.  Thanks to Amazon SMILE, the entire process has been reduced to MINUTES!  We can take care of this need from our smartphones, laptop or PC's!

Again, please consider signing up and using Amazon SMILE...............and enable us to continue serving our clients.   How could we EVER say "no" to providing food for an M3 family?  We could NOT!  

Thank you very much.  

"The Numbers" November 28, 2022

Many of you ask "what are your numbers?".  It's a fair question and one that we monitor constantly.    Because this is a ministry.  AND a business. 

  • So far this year, we have assisted 20 clients.
  • We have completed more than 220 consultations, work assignments and construction tasks (large and small), since our founding in 2011.
  • We have provided scholarships for 10 students who have lost their fathers, in 2022 alone.   33 scholarships in total, since our founding. 
  • We have supported clients across the Trivalley, and also Danville, Hayward, Brentwood and Tracy.

Because of YOU and your support, we are able to serve those who contact us.  And we are grateful.   

Giving Tuesday is NEXT TUESDAY, November 29th! November 23, 2022

I KNOW everybody is focused on food, family and football tomorrow.  Please remember Missing Man Ministry (M3) NEXT Tuesday which is Giving Tuesday!  Thank you so much.  

And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet one of our coordinators, Janet Erickson November 21, 2022

It is with a LITTLE trepidation that I write about Janet.   You see, one of my sisters is Janet....so I was already scared about meeting another Janet.  ????

Here is Janet (Erickson's) story.   Janet was and is our second coordinator for M3:

My parents died within 10 months of each other 17
years ago and I was very close to them. 
It was during this time that I became a client of KARA and received
grief support for about a year.   A
couple of years afterward I became a Peer Counselor with them and did
one-on-one counseling, as well as sudden-death crisis intervention, until
moving to Livermore in 2013.


My Husband, Curt, was diagnosed with liver cancer
Oct. 2014, died Jan 2015.  After he died
it took me a few years before I felt I had something to offer my
community.  That’s when I noticed a small
article in the local paper about M3.  I
loved working with KARA and thought this might be worth looking into and
contacted them.    


For better or worse, I met David Doyle for coffee
Oct. 2019 and the rest – as they say – is history.


In all seriousness David, I deeply admire the work
M3 does.  One of the worst feelings is
losing your spouse and not knowing how you’re going to handle everything life
is throwing at you.  It’s truly a
blessing M3 is here to help during one of the worst times of a woman’s

From another college scholarship recipient. SO moving!!!!!!!! November 15, 2022

This is from of our four year students/recipients and frankly says it all:

graduated as summa cum laude in 2020 from San Francisco State University (SFSU)

with my bachelor's in psychology. After graduation, I worked in HR for 2 years
as a

supervisor at a local tech and HR advising company. Throughout my

I have also picked up volunteering on the Trip-Valley crisis
line as well as a research

assistant at a lab focused on relationships,
emotions and health. Throughout my

time away from school, I solidified my love
for the field of mental health and

applied to SFSU's extremely
competitive Masters in Clinical Psychology program 

where I will be
attending Fall 2022. I am so excited for this next step in my life

because I am
passionate about this field and truly enjoy learning. 

I am
so grateful for the Missing Man Ministry and its donors for
their generosity.

The scholarships I have received have taken a financial
burden off my shoulders 

and allowed me to focus my time learning about
different facets of psychology,

including the diseases which affected my
own father. I can move forward in my

education knowing that finances will
not be suffocating and inevitably use the

knowledge I will gain to give back to
less fortunate individuals in the future,

just as MMM's donors have!"

We are off to a great start! November 07, 2022

I'd like to update you with two client stories; one from an M3 client and one from a college scholarship recipient.   Thank you VERY MUCH for getting our campaign started, by the way.  We are off to a great start!.   And please keep a lookout for more news, updates and dare I say, publicity.   ????

M3 client.   Quintero Family.  

I’m humbled to be part of Missing Man Ministry (M3). After my husband’s
passing in February 2019, I was confused of what to do. During Cornerstone’s
service, they showed a clip of M3 helping a widowed woman. After watching the
clip, I was a little hesitant to reach out, but I had been praying for God’s
guidance. At that time, my three children and I moved out of our house and
rented it out as we rented an apartment. I was contemplating whether to sell
our home or to keep it.

After reaching out to David
Doyle, everything just seemed to fall into place. He introduced me to Craig and
Lori Rochin who helped me financially decide whether it’s better to stay or
sell my house. After deciding to go back home with peace in my heart, I asked
David to help us move back into our home. I was surprised to meet men in Christ
who helped us in
so many ways. They helped us mount our TV, install
blinds, fix our door locks, fix electrical issues, fix plumbing issues, replace
our garage door, and they even cleaned the apartment we left behind. I am so
thankful that they helped my family and I in our time of need.


I’m also thankful for David for
introducing me to Charlene Beasley, who was actually my neighbor. Charlene
encouraged, prayed and shared her life story with me. I’m grateful to know her
and her strong faith in God, as she encouraged me to anchor my faith in Christ
during my time of grievance.


Philippians 4:19 says, “But my
God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ
Jesus." To me, this means that He will not only provide the right people
to come into our lives, but He will also show us that if we trust him, He will
direct our paths. The Lord directed my path to Missing Man Ministry, and I am
blessed to have been connected with them.


Since I’ve connected with M3 and
have seen how they help widowed women and children, it inspired me to help others
as well. Sometimes it feels like a long road for me and my kids, but I know
what the Lord said and I hold on to it. In Jeremiah 29:11, it says “For I know
the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to
harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Missing Man Ministry as a whole
has gone above and beyond to help me tremendously in ways I couldn’t have even
asked for. I truly experienced their commitment in helping widowed women and
children like my family. I cannot express enough how blessed I am to be
connected to them. I hope Missing Man Ministry will continue to be a light to
other widowed families in need the way they have been to us. God bless Missing
Man Ministry.



The Quintero family

M3 college scholarship recipient-Lorena

Thank you to Missing Man
Ministry for allowing me to study and receive my education to be a teacher. I
am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have a scholarship and I am very
pleased to be continuing another year with the Missing Man Ministry. I am currently
in my Junior year at Fresno State majoring in Liberal Studies. I have been
working hard for good grades and to better educate myself on new topics. I had
a wonderful time at Fresno and met new people. This is the life time experience
that I will always be grateful for. Missing Man Ministry has given my family
and I hope that hard work pays off and how amazing organizations like you, are
putting many students through college without any student loans. I have been
inspired to one day be able to donate and get students through college as well.


Best Regards,


Fresno State