January 16, 2023

Dear Discovery Museum Supporters, 

Post a Plunge is on!

In light of COVID-19 the Redwood
Discovery Museum is embracing social distancing to keep our community
safe. In lieu of a community gathering to jump into the bay we are holding the
event online. The 19th Annual Perilous Plunge will be known this
year as Post a Plunge! That is right you can still plunge but this time it can
be done at home. We are asking you to take a video or picture of
yourself plunging.


Ideas include:

Plunging the kitchen sink

Plunging a french press

Plunging your hand into your pockets

Plunge into your swimming pool
or hot tub 


Please remember to stay safe while
plunging and keep all photos/videos children's museum friendly so we can share them
to our social media. 


We will be awarding trophies for the

Plunge King

Plunge Queen

Team Royalty

Rookie of the Year

Best Plunge- get creative!

Best Costume- yes you can still
plunge in your costume!



The Perilous Plunge, our annual
fundraiser, is critical to the sustainability
of the Redwood Discovery Museum and is how we set our annual operating budget
for the organization.  We know that you have been hard at work raising
funds and encouraging friends to plunge with you. We want to thank you for
your our dedication; it is both humbling and inspiring. 


We will be available to collect your
remaining pledges and hand out t-shirts on March 21st from
8:00am to 12:00pm in the Museum’s parking lot on the corner of 6th
and G.


Please have your videos and pictures
emailed to
[email protected] by 12:00pm on March 21st. We will be Posting the
Plunge at 5:00pm on March 21st on our social media and announcing
this year’s winners.


Check out this wonderful post from the Sea Beast team!