Dec 2015 Update December 14, 2015

Total to date: $565.00
Amount remaining to date: $58.64
Total # of Projects to date: 4
Total # of Youth Participants: 6
Approx. # of People Directly Impacted: 1,380

2015-16 Projects Funded
Great Time Harvest Time | $260.82 | Seven 6th-7th graders, some returning participants, planned and threw a Halloween party for families living at a homeless shelter in Lowell, MA.
They played with the children, decorated, carved pumpkins and shared a meal and many laughs!

2014-15 Projects Funded
Shannon’s Cards | $135.45 | Andover, MA: 6th grader created and packaged unique handmade cards and gave them out to people to brighten their days with an unexpected gift.

Coloring for Courage | $110.09 | Peabody, MA: 6th graders organized and designed a positive message poster campaign for Higgins Middle School in Peabody, MA. Posters will be framed and hung on the walls of the school.

Flying Books | $TBD | Lowell, MA: 6th grader organized a book drive of children’s books to be shipped at the end of this summer to the International Book Project and then to children in other countries.

Dave Thompson gave $20 July 07, 2015

What an incredible way to honor Aaron's memory while also having a positive effect on the children involved and their communities.

Nora Waystack gave $20 July 07, 2015

We need more good, generous hearts in the world like yours! I'm pleased to be a small part of your organization.

Midge Smith gave $100 June 07, 2015

In Loving Memory of Dave Smith

Joan Thompson gave $20 December 11, 2014

I'm happy to support such a worthwhile project. What a creative way for children to contribute in such a positive way to the needs they see around them. Blessings on Aaron's memory.

Mary Kobrenski gave $50 August 12, 2014

This is a wonderful project aiming at bringing out the best in our young people, and I feel privileged to be able to help out in a small way.

Erik Thompson gave $15 December 31, 1969

Pleased to contribute to such a great cause.

Jesi Thompson gave $20 December 31, 1969

Best of luck to such a wonderful mission! Glad I can help.

Patricia Rauseo gave $250 December 31, 1969

In loving memory of Kenneth P. Rauseo

Aaron's Presents posted an update December 31, 1969

Hello! Just wanted to let you all know that this Saturday, we are going to be celebrating the 129 young people who led their own projects to benefit others this year! I believe Barb will be joining us as well! I will be putting up all of their projects on the website shortly after that and will send you a larger update so you can see which projects and very meaningful experiences you made possible. I look forward to sharing more with you very soon!
All the best,