December 09, 2022

Hey parents, I am in the very early stages of discussing with Children's Hospital the feasibility of going back to baseball! With that being said, step 1 is for me to find out what YOU want. I never want to put anyone in a situation where they are uncomfortable, so I want your feedback. Please take this survey (I'm the only one seeing the answers), and be COMPLETELY honest with me. I understand that we have SO MANY compromised immune systems, so I want everyone to feel safe. This will be essentially picking up where we left off from the Spring season. 

Summer is very hot, so we will play on weeknights. This also allows us to make sure everything is disinfected every night before the next age group comes in. For example, littles on Tuesday, Middles on Wednesday, and Bigs on Thursday. 

Please be patient with me as we try to navigate this crazy time and do what is best for everyone. At the end of the day, if none of you are comfortable with this, you have no obligation to come back! We can wait it out and play in the Fall, but I know some may be getting cabin fever. We will be outside, so the face mask requirements do not apply. 

Additionally, this is all assuming we move into Phase 2 next week. 

I miss you all and I pray that everyone has been safe and healthy. I look forward to us all being together again soon! (PS This is also posted in the parent's group on Facebook. Please only respond one time!) 

Love, Noble ????