July 19, 2023

Thanks to everyone getting registered for the boot camp early we have been able to work on a couple of added bonuses to raise more money for

5x5 Open Mic will have games written by campers presented post-workshop, post-throwdown after 10pm Saturday August 5 and through 3pm Sunday August 6.  There is a linked template you can fill out with questions and answers, and you can announce your game, or have one of the existing hosts present your creation.  This will be a continuation of the use of one of the meeting rooms at the Hampton Inn Tropicana where the workshop and throwdown take place.

Speaking of throwdowns...

Knodgeball returns at 10am to 1pm at the UNLV Student Recreation and Wellness Center which is about 2 miles east of the event hotel.

If you have friends who are kicking themselves for not signing up for the Boot Camp, then you can let them know if they buy an audience ticket for the Titan Throwdown, that they can take part in the post-workshop activities.  We hope to increase the audience size with this offer, and we understand that some of you may have existing travel plans that may conflict with parts of the post-workshop activities, but even then you can contribute open mic games to 5x5 or lists to Knodgeball and still be helping out Project150!  All this stuff is now linked on the main page.