August 08, 2023

Here are the final rankings for the 5x5 tournament at the Game Show Bootcamp 2.

At the end of each game, a player received ranking points based on where they finished in that game.

1st place: 10 ranking points
2nd place: 8 ranking points
3rd place: 6 ranking points
4th place: 4 ranking points
5th place: 2 ranking points

In the event of a tie in score, the ranking points for those tied players were averaged.

Twenty players advanced to the semi-finals. Every winner of at least one game advanced. The twenty players were ranked based on the following criteria:

Criteria 1: Number of wins.
Criteria 2: Number of ranking points in the two games.
Criteria 3: Total points scored in the two games.
Criteria 4: Most correct answers in the two games (excluding the 5xFinals).
Criteria 5: Least incorrect answers in the two front games (excluding the 5xFinals).

In this tournament, it only took the first two criteria to determine the top 20.

RankNameWinsRanking PointsTotal ScoreTotal CorrectTotal WrongAverage Reaction Time
1JONATHAN H2204400002100.1495
2JOE TRELA2203050002400.1075
3JONATHAN MARGULIES2202910001400.1275
4RYAN LUCHS220990001000.2345
5MARTIN OCON1183050001700.2265
6DALTON TOMLIN1181230001210.0935
7GARRETT VONK11878000930.2285
8LORI BAILEY117900001010.1785
9MATT SCHIFFLER1163140001720.09
10TROY MEYER116126000800.112
11DANIEL ENCE116770001230.1645
12MATTHEW SINCLAIR1141220001210.196
13CAL LIN114108000410.2485
14BEN PARKER11456000820.2885
15HARVEY SILIKOVITZ01698000910.1505
16STEVEN WRIGHT01696000510.1535
17WADE WHITEHEAD01642000400.2285
18JOHN HILLMAN0141040001300.177
19JON BARILONE014660001010.171
20JASON HERNANDEZ01357000500.2155
21JOHN PALAGYI01291000900.2385
22ROBERT COOPER01239000710.1475
23AARON BROWN0127000750.2655