May 10, 2023

Dear IACUC 101 Plus Participant.


Welcome and thanks for registering for IACUC 101 PLUS!


Zoom Info:


Here is the Zoom link again for the February 14-15 IACUC 101 Plus course:

As a reminder, this Zoom link was sent as part of the transaction receipt to the individual who made the payment and registered for you. Each participant is then required to register with Zoom. Hopefully you have already done this. If not, this should be done ASAP today!


After you select the zoom link, zoom will request you to input your name and email address. These are all required fields. Please triple check to make sure your email address is correct!


Course Materials:


Here is the link to all the course materials (pdfs of all the presentations, scenario shorts, as well as supporting documents such as the final agenda, faculty bios, acronym list and the evaluation form) These documents are actually on a hidden page on the IACUC 101 website. Hopefully you won’t have any problems downloading the materials from the website but if you are having difficulties then please let me know right away.


Thanks so much for supporting the IACUC 101 Plus February 2023 program by IACUC 101 Series! We truly appreciate it.