October 09, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

I have gotten the "go ahead" from Children's Hospital. I received a lot of feedback on going back to baseball from the survey I sent out a few weeks ago, and we are all trying to make it work. This is about to be information overload, but it's part of the deal, so get comfy and listen up!

First, we are taking all the necessary precautions to make sure the kids are safe. Behind the scenes things do not impact you:

1. Bathrooms and dugouts will be disinfected daily by Coquille staff. 

2. Bats and balls will be disinfected daily by yours truly. 

3. The concession stand will be closed until I can evaluate the situation in Phase 3. 

4. The water fountain under the pavilion will be turned off until all of this clears up. It's a little germ factory for our youngins who haven't figured out that your mouth does NOT need to go directly on it. Please make sure you are bringing water/ beverages for your athlete. 

Second, the precautions that will impact you and your athlete. 

1. Games are being held on different nights. The full schedule is listed below. We have all experienced the crowd size when we change out between games. It's great to have so many fans, but now is not the time. 

2. With that being said, and while the atmosphere is one of my favorite things about us, for now, we need to limit the crowd size.

- Please consider bringing only one parent or family member.

- Most of you opted to be your athlete's buddy, so that person is your family representative.

- I do understand that sometimes, you need to bring other kids with you because they can't be left at home, and that is fine! I will not turn people away, but I'm asking that we all be respectful of each other. 

3. I will be taking temperatures of everyone in attendance. For the love of all things Holy, if you have ANY symptoms, stay home. Know that if you cough, I will stare you down (said with love).

4. Masks will not be required on the field. I know plenty of our kids and I know that there's no way we force them to keep a mask on their face. Outdoor and non contact sports are not subject to suggested masks at this time. 

5. If there is not social distancing happening in the bleachers, I will be giving you a mask.

- I do realize that we are adults and everyone can make their own decision for what is best for them and their family.

- Therefore, there will be a zero tolerance policy of anyone being ugly to each other about their personal decision to wear a mask or not. (This is a Noble Rule, not a Miracle League Rule.)

- There has been a very generous donation of cotton masks to us from the Northshore Community Foundation. 

- If you think about it, bring lawn chairs and we can surround the field on all sides to ensure distancing! 

6. I will have a dedicated volunteer in the dugouts with hand sanitizer for athletes and buddies. 

7. This is going to be the HARDEST part.... some families are hugging these days, and others are not. Please discuss with your athlete how y'all feel about this and if you want them hugging or not. I am hugger, and the struggle has been so very real. I'm anxiously awaiting the Fall season when I can hug all of you and the kids again. 

The entrance to our facility from the parking lot has a sign on it saying "EXIT." Our people will disregard that. Coquille is using our entrance as an exit for their teams and fans from he other facilities. Come on in! 

Last, but certainly not least, none of this works without YOU! I hope that with all of my communication and transparency, you can return the favor. If you have comments or concerns about things, please let me know. I take ZERO offense to whatever decision you are making for your family. We all have to be comfortable with how this plays out. Many of you said that you were waiting to see what the rules were going to be to decide if you want to come back or not. I've laid it all out for you, so if you are changing your RSVP, please let me know. If at any point in all this, you decide not to come back, please let me know. I am trying to have a grasp on the counts of people at the field each night for crowd control purposes. Additionally, I want the field to be a "no judgement" zone. We are all doing the best we can. 

Now that I have bored you out of your mind, I leave you with the schedule. If there are volunteers who are still reading, please let me know if you want to come back. I definitely need a firm head count on volunteers to make sure we can make all his happen. 

Love to you all and can't wait to see all the smiles again! 

Noble-Bates Young


P.S. I'm so excited to potentially turn on the field lights!! There's a first for everything!!

All games scheduled for 6:30pm at our Field! 


Tuesday, June 23

Tuesday, July 21


Cardinals vs Cubs

Cardinals vs Cubs

Wednesday, June 24

Wednesday, July 22


Red Sox vs Dodgers 

Red Sox vs Dodgers 

Thursday, June 25

Thursday, July 23


Giants vs Braves

Giants vs Braves

Tuesday, June 30

Tuesday, July 28


Cardinals vs Cubs

Cardinals vs Cubs

Wednesday, July 1

Wednesday, July 29


Red Sox vs Dodgers 

Red Sox vs Dodgers 

Thursday, July 2

Thursday, July 30


Giants vs Braves

Giants vs Braves

Tuesday, July 7

Tuesday, August 4


Cardinals vs Cubs

Cardinals vs Cubs

Wednesday, July 8

Wednesday, August 5


Red Sox vs Dodgers 

Red Sox vs Dodgers 

Thursday, July 9

Thursday August 6


Giants vs Braves

Giants vs Braves

Tuesday, July 14

Cardinals vs Cubs

Wednesday, July 15

Red Sox vs Dodgers 

Thursday, July 16

Giants vs Braves