May 18, 2024

Dear Prayer Partners,

By God's grace, we had an incredibly powerful two-day outreach to young adults in Malaysia.  The conference ran from 10:30 to 6:00 pm each day.  In the morning we had over 700 attendees, and in the afternoon a different group of 700 young people.  Due to space limitation, we couldn't accommodate more than 700 at a time.

Many young people were saved and their lives transformed.  They were very hungry for the word of God.  Many sacrificed one or two days of income to get off work to attend.  Both of our sons, Steven and Ben, were able to share their testimonies.  Their stories touched many lives, and encouraged the young people to live for Christ.

Thanks to all of your prayers, there were no problems at all during the conference.  This was truly a miraculous work of Christ. 

Betty and I will be returning to Thailand on May 21.  After we get home, I will write a more detailed report.

In Christ, Pastor Lu

Editor's Note:  Watch your email for the next Asia Frontier Outreach-USA newsletter for Pastor Lu's report.

May 16, 2024

As a new day dawns in the Western world, the 2-day Malaysia Youth Outreach is coming to a close.  Today let's pray Ephesians 6:10-17 for new believers and those who have recommitted their lives to Christ.

Here are a few photos from Malaysia.  Pastor Lu will be sending a full report soon.


May 14, 2024

Thank You, Jesus!  Pastor Lu and family arrived safely in Malaysia on Sunday, and Monday the Myanmar team arrived and got through immigration without any problems.  Thank you, prayer partners!


The team from Myanmar includes the band and other technical and logistical support.  

The Malaysia Youth Outreach begins tomorrow.  How to pray:

  • for Pastor Lu, the Myanmar team, and Malaysia team as they get acquainted and begin to work together.  For unity and singleness of purpose as they prepare for the Outreach to begin tomorrow.
  • for the Malaysia team and their last-minute preparations (venue, meals, etc.)
  • for God to be preparing the hearts of those who will attend.

Thank You for praying!

May 08, 2024

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for joining us in prayer for the upcoming Malaysia Youth Outreach.   While the "official" prayer campaign is still a few days away, I know that you are praying for the outreach even now.  Here is a specific request that Pastor Lu sent yesterday:

Especially pray for those musicians to be able to enter Malaysia under immigration control. The visas were granted but sometimes the immigration officers could ask questions as to why they are coming to Malaysia.  Malaysia is a Muslim Country; they oppose Christian activity. Also because of Myanmar's political situation.  At this time many young people are trying to get out of the Country to avoid army conscription. So immigration might be suspicious of any Myanmar people who might come to overstay. Pray for our team to be set free from negative impressions from immigration in Malaysia. For Myanmar citizens there are many challenges but we are pressing on for His Kingdom’s sake.

Pastor Lu and family will be flying from Thailand to Malaysia on May 12, the rest of the team coming from Myanmar on the 13th.

We appreciate you and your prayer support; and will keep you updated as we receive news.



Lois Riddick

Programs & Communications Coordinator

Asia Frontier Outreach-USA, Inc.