December 20, 2023

Good Morning, 

We're looking forward to meeting at 418 Pearson Dr. this Saturday from 1-3p for our botanical watercolor workshop. We will provide paints and paper. You should bring a number 1 or 2 round brush and a 9 or 10 flat brush for best results. These can be purchased inexpensively at Cheap Joe's Art Supply and will last for many moons! I'll bring a few extra brushes in case of emergency, but they will be a variety of sizes and aren't the best quality. 

Snacks and light beverages will be provided and we will have a variety of plants for sale if you'd like to browse our greenhouse selection after the class. 

Thank you for registering! We have a waiting list, so if you have had a last minute change of schedule and can't make it please let us know.  

Any other questions, comments, concerns?  Please be in touch with me at [email protected]