Thanks to your donations, we received our matching grant! October 13, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to our campaign so far! Thanks to your donations, we received a matching grant this morning of $2K, making our total raised $4,234.

Please continue to share the campaign and help us reach our goal!

Thanks for joining the Ruckus!

We've reached nearly $10,000 October 13, 2015

Hi All!

Today has been a good day for the campaign!

First of all, my last update was incorrect. It should have read that the matching $2K grant got us up to $4,284. And with another $5K added from The Brotman Foundation of California, we have now raised $9,284. Thank you so much and please continue sharing the campaign! We can reach our goal soon with momentum like this!

Thank you for joining the ruckus!

Design of Sculpture September 30, 2015


This is the tentative design of our sculpture, which would stand around 13' tall and 13' wide from edge to edge. We have enough animal templates to make 2 of these archways, to beautify public space along the LA River. Cool right?