we're on for 2pm tomorrow, sunday feb 19th! September 18, 2017

see you all tomorrow at 2pm! we look forward to seeing you and your pups!


confidence class: 2pm is the official start time... September 18, 2017

hope everyone got the message that it's 2pm. just checking because a couple people didn't seem to get it.



it's official! 2pm for confidence class! September 18, 2017

sorry, i had tried confirming this earlier but the message apparently didn't go through- it's officially 2pm tomorrow for class :)

thank you!


Upcoming Confidence Class! September 18, 2017

There is a slight conflict with the room we were going to use- the trainer who rents earlier that day has extended her hours.

Is it an issue to move class back an hour to 2pm? This would alleviate the tight time frame between classes.

If it is an issue, we can use a different room, but it will be a slightly tighter fit :)

Just tell us what works best for you.