February 24, 2023

Lucia's Story:

This place opened new doors for me and new opportunities and made me a lot strong. If you really want to to change your life and maintain a healthy life and sobriety, this is the place with all the support....This is definitely a good place."

An immigrant from the Congo at age 11.  A mother at age 15. Six years of drug use.  An abusive relationship and two more children. 


It took an overdose of crack laced with fentanyl to bring her to her lowest.  After hospitalization and rehab, she was referred to ANEW and has lived at 89 North for eight months.  Upon entering, she began a full-time job where she continues to work 


Life in the house hasn’t been easy.  She claims she was argumentative and critical of others. She was counseled, “Don’t focus on others and their opinions.  Focus on making YOU your BEST.”  She decided to enter the transitional housing program (four-step)  at ANEW, meeting with her case manager, her social worker, and her therapist on a regular schedule and attending NA meetings.  She has had visits with her children.   


Soon, Lucia is moving into her first apartment at ANEW’s Independence Place.  She glows when she talks about it.  She will continue to receive support from ANEW’s case manager, as well as her other support networks.   “This time, I’m at a place where I’m definitely going to do well and make it.  I have lots of support.”   


Pray for Lucia as she takes this next major step in her life-journey and recovery. 

???? You can change a life. ????

A warm bed and a hot meal can give someone a new start. $28 a night is all it takes. If you give before March 31st, your one-time gift will be doubled. A generous couple will match your gift up to $10,000. Please help Lucia and others start anew.

November 21, 2022

…in the end, the most important thing is not to do things for people who are poor and in distress, but to enter into relationship with them, to be with them and help them find confidence in themselves and discover their own gifts…JVDear friends and family of ANEW Place, One of the most insidious effects of poverty and homelessness is that it buries the innate giftedness and artistry of those whom it afflicts under suffocating layers of trauma, neglect, and isolation. Our sisters and brothers on the margins become so focused and consumed with meeting the bare needs of the day, that they forget their inherent loveliness and joy.We at ANEW are privileged to behold numerous occurrences wherein, through the power of radical hospitality and healthy relationships, such traumas may loosen their grip long enough to reveal amazing and profound gifts, talents, and joy that is then offered back to the community. When this happens, I am reminded that sometimes the word “God” is more appropriately thought of as a verb rather than a noun, and that I am witness to God happening in real time.Here at ANEW, we try to do as much as we can to not only meet the material needs of our guests, but to go the next step and provide environments where it is easier to make friends and to hold a sacred space where God can happen in real time, right before our very eyes. In these moments of restored relationships, we see true resiliency and hope take root in the lives of those we serve, and we become so much more than shelter.Over this past year, we have served more individuals than ever before in our 40-year history:

  •  Over 600 unique individuals accessed our services
    • Over 60 individuals per night at the Inn
    • 12-15 per night at our program House
  • Over 50K meals served

As we prepare for the winter months ahead, we are working to increase our emergency shelter capacity by another 50% in an effort to ensure that all our neighbors make it through the coldest time of the year safe and healthy. Additionally, we are laboring to connect as many guests as possible with resources and support throughout our community, collaborating with our service provider partners in ever-evolving ways.We are so privileged to do this work, and it is only made possible by the generous prayers, time, and financial support of our extended community… won’t you please consider making a donation to ANEW’s year-end appeal and ensure that this work will continue unabated through the most challenging months of the year? It is as simple as going to or mailing a check to ANEW Place, PO Box 1481, Burlington, VT 05402.With gratitude,Joe DomkoExecutive Director