#TNM Payment Plans & Credit For Artists June 08, 2018


#TNM understands that artists can do things for themselves now! That's amazing. The downside is that it just isn't that easy. An artist can find a service for anything they may want to get done, but HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH IS THE RIGHT SERVICE!? Also, what about, the way in which to make sure you are collecting the money that's due to you? How do you catalog the music properly? If you have a song, is the mp3 upload enough? What about fingerprinting and ISRC codes which belong to you and not the other guy? What's happening to your performance and mechanical royalties? Okay so an artist can buy anything but pro consulting or management at an affordable cost? #TNM provides just that. It isn't easy either. We have to charge but we have gone back and forth, making the fee lower and higher and lower again just to find a common ground. We need to afford to run the company and we need a fee that artists can afford to pay!  Still, no matter what we do, many artist just can not afford services. 

This year #TNM has provided payment plan options, we hope that this creates a better and more comfortable rate for artists and an even playing field for building this amazing organization. REQUEST TO APPLY NOW and choose the payment plan that is right for you!