We received this heartwarming story about Delilah, who was adopted recently thanks to your help and support of our heartworm treatment sponsorship.  Her message is exactly why this program is so important for the animals and their families.  This says it all: 

Sorry for the delay in updating. I have been busy getting Delilah settled inShe has really brightened our
days, and, for the 1st time since I lost my Bubbah (our 14 year old maltese) I'm
feeling happy again.  Delilah had dreadlocks when we 1st
saw her at the shelter. 

We had a very rough year last
year. We lost some family members to tragedy; we lost our Bubbah; and we discovered a
close family member has cancer. 

We are struggling  financially,
and I'm trying to help my daughter get into vet tech school. I'm disabled and
she has been my caregiver since I was forced to take early retirement. 

I pray that adopting my Delilah
is the first in many blessings ahead for us.

Here's Delilah's delightful face - Thank you Friends for supporting this important program.


Please pitch in to help keep the program going ! 

Here's Delilah's shelter intake photo: